Stupid roofers

i just saw a commercial for “rochester remodeling center” or what ever the hell they are. it said new roof $1990 “CALL NOW”.

talk about putting out a line.

For what a shed! Dog house $1999 is stupid.

Are you sure is wasn’t Proctor? He can do a 20 sq. cedar tear off for that price on the right day.

hahaha…yeah i here that!!

i bet youve seen that ridiculous commercial. talk about leading people down the wrong path.

mr. jerry does california valleys, pays comp. as a painter, and cuts more corners than any roofer out there. he’s all about quantity instead of quality. GAF just sent him leagal notices for using thier logo in all of his ads. ralph says he hasnt even met jerry before.

did i forget to mention …

his car dealership

gas station


& ego

What. He owns a pizza shop and car dealership? Where?

from what i hear he owns downtown gorham (all 4 store fronts) it might be a used dealership/repair shop. i have seen some of his ads in canadaigua papers for those businesses. heck…he’s probably paying comp as a pizza delivery man!

it just dawned on me to be funny that i named this thread stupid roofers…and it became about him :roll:

With all those “shelters” that is a firm possibility. What a f**king headache all those businesses.He may need another source of income because I am sure his profit margins from the roofing business are slim at best.