Stripping double layer and installing new roof

We are located in Massachusetts north of Boston along the coast. Our house is 105 years old. It adds up to 38 square which includes a large wraparound enclosed porch.

We got a quote from a local outfit with whom we have done business before. They are general contractors who would do the roof themselves. I like these guys.

They live in our town.

We have a quote from them of $19,995 for 30 yr. 70 mph architectural shingles. It would be an additional $1300 for 40 year 90 mph shingles.

The roofer my husband’s family used for many years has retired with no heir to the business so we have no experience with hiring roofers we don’t already know.

A friend of my husband sent over a roofer today. He wants to use IKO shingles which I know are held in low regard by most of you. He told me that the building code now requires 90 mph shingles.

I want the higher rating but do not think that our local guy would do anything against the code so I am suspicious of this one. He also claimed we had three layers of shingles in some areas which I do not think is possible as it is not permitted. I did not argue with him about it.

We bought our house 20 years ago and have not had it shingled since then.

The local guy agreed that some of our roof was double and some single. There is a shed roof over the back hall and a dormer in the attic. The roof is a hip style.

I have read quite a bit here about the various bad roofing jobs being done.

We have companies around here with large gangs of fellows who do a roof in a day.

Frank, the family roofer, always did a neat reliable job by himself with one helper.

I want a quality job first and foremost. We intend to be here for many years.

I’ve thought of getting a quote from someone in your directory as well.

I appreciate your taking the time to advise us.

Thank you,


GAF/ELK timberline prestique or CertainTeed landmark shingles will give you sufficient wind protection.

Try to show us a pic of inside the attic space looking up if you can.

Dont use IKO.

the price sounds high to me to be honest with you.You should definitely get more quotes.

To be fair I should mention that our lot slopes quite a bit in the back so the back Of the house will be a bit difficult for stripping and disposal. You can’t get a dumpster into the yard unless you take down ther fence so the stuff must be wheeled out to the driveway. I’m sure that factored into the price.


The attic has insulation installed which covers the underide of the roof deck. I have seen it though as Frank (the retired family roofer) reflashed our chimney and reshingled around it when we jacked the house up a bit to fix the sills 20 years ago.

The roof deck consists of boards similar to the sheathing of the outside walls which have been reshingled in cedar.


The price is in line to a similar job that I just quoted in the Chicago area, also on a 108 year old home with a 12/12 pitch on the main roof, except the total square footages are different, thus my price is much higher.

Go with the guy you are familiar with on such an under-taking. He will continue to treat you fairly due to the loyalty.

Verify the amount of layers if it really is in question.

IKO is what Hacks use and I do NOT value their opinion very much.


answers his own questions he does.

"We got a quote from a local outfit with whom we have done business before. They are general contractors who would do the roof themselves. I like these guys.

They live in our town."


there is nothing wrong with an iko shingle in that climate.i live in maine and that is what we install 90% of the time unless home owner specifies otherwise.and further more just because you use an iko dosen`t make you a hack.selling that certinteed garbage does.

[quote=“ed the roofer”]
IKO is what Hacks use and I do NOT value their opinion very much.

Did somebody say something?


ok big time!


I’m not saying anything as I don’t want to end up like a roofer on another forum with IKO lawyers at his door.

Never laid Tamko Heritage but heard good things about them. A guy I know just had them put on his roof and heard it turned out nice. Gave him a bid as I did his two previous roofs, all three of his Uncles roofs and his parents but ended up going with the economy roofers from another country. A mutual friend will be bugging him on his poor decision next week. Will no longer be adding any vents or any repair work for him or his company.

My order would be,

I gotta say the 5 roofs I did with Cambridge turned out nice and were easy to work with. The 1 roof with Dynasty was nice as they were made to be installed in cold climates. The IKO warranty is what scares me. Back in 98 did a 200sq motel with the 3 tab IKO’s and had to replace shingles after every 50+ mph wind storm.

My only concern about the local guys is that they are not full time roofers.

They do everything and have done a good job on the things they have done for us.

Someone was kind enough to suggest I call a roofer on this list. Unfortunately he is based about an hour and a half to two hours from here on the other side of Boston.

For that reason I do not think it would be something that would interest him.



I have more information and headaches concerning our roofing job.

We have discovered that our whole house including porches has been triple shingles and of course all that needs to be stripped.

We thought before that the huge wraparound porch was double layer and that the main part of the house was a single layer.

The local general contractor we have been very happy with in the past uses air nailers. His guys have all been with him a long time.

The other roofing company does hand nailing but they are pushing IKO Cambridge 30 yr or lifetime or IKO Chateau with storm nailing. He says they use it a lot on homes near the ocean.

I mentioned that IKO is not well thought of on the internet. He claims there used to be a fading problem due to improperly applied UV protection.

He does not like Certainteed but would use GAF for an additional $800 or so.

We have a deck out over the porch on the second floor. Double rolled roofing was installed about twenty years ago. The part under the deck is just fine.

It is cut into the roof line and so isprotected on the sides as well. The strip around the sides and the front of the deck are a bit cracked and looking somewhat worn so we are considering stripping that off anf putting a rubber roof or the like in its place.

We also have a barn (my husband’s workshop and our garage)that was roofed about 20 years ago with 3 tab. It has some shingle blow off. We looked at it closely on our own this weekend and think that perhaps we should do that over as well. Otherwise we will be patching here and there and the roof may already be at its limit.

So far both outfits are coming in at similar prices.

I am not all that concerned about price. I just want the best job I can get.

Remember both of these buildings are 105 years old.

My husband is taken with the hand nailing. I would like that as well as that is what we were used to before power guns were invented. I am almost 60. Our previous roofs in other homes were hand nailed.

The local guy who uses nail guns says they are fine if you are careful. I’ve seen his crew work on other things and I think they are very careful.

I suppose I should drag yet another roofer into the mix but it is taking up all my mental and emotional energy dealing with the two I have.

We also measured our roof ourselves this weekend as we realized that the one guy thinks we are 30 sq. and the other thinks we are 37 sq. We drew our roof and measured carefully and came up with 34 sq. Our barn is about 13 sq.

I know this last problem will seem silly to you all but I am not all that crazy about the roof colors these days. The IKO guy thinks Harvard Slate would be great on our house but so far I don’t care for the patchy effects I see on roofs due to the shading that is supposed to make the roof more dimensional looking.

I am calling the local guy today to get him to figure the barn into the mix.

Their prices were close before because the IKO guy figured out that we have a triple roof. We investigated on our own and discovered it is true.

I know must bring this to the attention of the local guy so I imagine that is wheer things will become more unequal.

I also feel really guilty about taking up so much time for these guys.



Also the IKO, hand nailing guy has included copper flashing. The local guy did not mention the type of flashing so I must as him about it.