Storm resto sales rep pay


Hey all,

I recently received a job offer from a roofing contractor/ insurance claims specialist. For a sales position. Bigger company training provided, company vehicle. Sales rep pays all expenses. It’s an employee position, don’t have to manage the project. Or any of that. I’m not 100% sure if the sales reps meet with adjusters or not.

Okay, details aside, here’s the situation. I’m a very experienced sales rep, from Kirby vacuums to cars, I did well at all those. The company is only offering 10% of the first insurance check. This sounds super low, they pay when you get the check and paper work, or a week after that. Does this sound like something I should even consider they say they will be paying for some lead generation but they also want me knocking 100 doors a day. They haven’t said anything about bonuses or anything that would make that pay higher. Also, as an employee, there’s no freedom… to me it sounds like more work for less pay. I mean you have to do a majority of the paperwork and everything your self but not manage the job. I think they give a small draw like $500 every 2 weeks or something but I would still have to pay for hotel, gas etc etc.

I live in Fargo, nd so there’s not much around here this company is out of Minneapolis, Mn. Any input is appreciated



I guess i would need more details or explanation of sorts… they are providing you a company vehicle ? and then you pay all expenses?? and your an employee? Are they looking for a door knocker / cold caller for cheap?? … I have done several different sales things over my years also…I was approached by a local restoration company looking for a experienced sales person…after all said and done it was not a good offer… so, I stayed and continue to work for my own roofing business in MN … feel free to contact me and I would discuss what my experience was and what to somewhat expect … I live in western MN …


Thanks for the reply!

Well, I hope they are not just looking for a door knocker. I’m not gonna be knocking other sales people in on that. But, honestly I’m a little confused my self. Apparently they want me to get the deal, than a “manager” comes in and finishes the rest of the project/sale. So I’d get the agreement signed and than go on to the next house, they want employees so they have control. I’m 36, I’m not going to get a job to mess around. I certainly didn’t want to get back into sales to be s canveser, I’m a closer and I want to make real money, not $500-700 a deal, I’d need to get 3 million in sales to get 100k. With hotels, gas… etc etc and working 7 days a week I might as well go beck to my desk job and put in some overtime, I’ll let ya know what I find out.

How can I get in touch with you? If this turns out to be as bad as it sounds.

#4 send me an email