Storm chasers!


Heck I was wondering what’s up w/ all that too! We have people getting insurance money for hailstorms that never existed, let alone have a date for them!

I had a customer get 50% of her roof paid for for shingle failure. Somehow it got wiggled in with some “wind damage”??? From some storm that never happened I guess :smiley:


Charley said: 70-150K in 6-9 months if you master your craft.

Who makes that kind of money Charlie, the canvassers? Roofers? Owner?

Just curious


everyone in your list but the canvassers can make that sort of money in that time frame on a fresh storm


tlok, i think my foreheads growing too…


Idiot Savant,

Charlie is a storm chaser . . . he is already onto a different roofing website. You will not hear back from him no matter how many times you try to hear back from him.

ahhhhahah i crack myself up. just kidding.


[quote=“BAMBAMM5144”]Idiot Savant,

Charlie is a storm chaser . . . he is already onto a different roofing website. You will not hear back from him no matter how many times you try to hear back from him.

ahhhhahah i crack myself up. just kidding.[/quote]

Which other site?

I have not seen him on my usual rounds elsewhere.




I was just joking that he already up and left this website because he is a storm chaser and they never stick around the same place for long.


LMFAO. i got it! Bam, you crack me up too.



I was just joking that he already up and left this website because he is a storm chaser and they never stick around the same place for long.[/quote]


Slow in my old age, I guess…

It’s getting hard to separate the comedians around here lately.



I tried to move to another site but the locals done ran me off. Said I was low biding my posts and using illegals to do my typing.

No doubt insurance companies will pay for a hail damaged roof past the year mark. But it is widely unknown to homeowners and contractors alike that those homeowners have there rates sky rocket or get dropped completely. The year time frame is the homeowners safe period. It is illegal for a homeowner to have there rates raised, dropped, or even have the claim count has a mark against them in that year. Although rates can always be raised territorially, an insurance company can not punish you for what is considered an “Act of god” known has a CAT. But they can set a time frame for the damages to be repaired. So its far from a scare tactic. It is simply a reality. Cant wait to here more about the devilish unethical ways stormers sell roofs. Word on the street is most stormers hold homeowners at gun point until they sign. Brains or signature on the paper… God Father style…LOL

Salesmen are the ones who make the 70k+ Owners usually make a 100K+ but the big boys make 500K-Multi Mill. Guys like that have legions of salesmen.


The fact that some adjusters argue the date of loss is in direct relation to the severity of the storm and what insurance company he/she is inspecting for. The insurance commissioner in that huge Indy storm few years back extended the CAT period twice. Also Insurance companies have to write out so much to justify a territorial premium increase. Im sure you see the reason to pay out after the year mark in that scenario. And who do you think the biggest investor in GAF is…State Farm. Must be real nice raising rates and stock value at the same time. Any move an insurance company makes is a profitable one. Same goes for the adjuster circling sweat drops.


I thought GAf was privately owned.
Good move by State Farm if they do have some equity in the company. I know a roofer who had many shares of Elk and cashed in pretty good when GAF biught them out.
If I rode a Harley, I’d buy their stock. It would at least justify the $35 t-shirts.


on the stock option, i made a fortune when i was in the union. the union invested our dough in phizer medical & then they invented & patented viagra. we made a fortune. ever tried one of them? my uncle gave me a 100 mg. once, i couldnt ride my harley or shingle for three days!


Speaking of Indiana storms… I had an adjuster tell me that Indiana has no “limitations” on the date you can call in damage on a storm. He said if there is a date from 10 years ago for that area you can call it in and the homeowner can’t get penalized. Anybody know if there is truth to this?


According to policy language that I have seen, it states that the incident must be reported within a certain amount of time from the first time the insured was aware of it.

That goes contrary to what many adjusters have stated though. Often times, they state that if the date of the hail damage is over one year ago, it is their companies “Policy” to deem it not an insurable claim, available for renumeration.



Most insurance policies state that you have to report a claim within a “reasonable” time frame. However, there is no specific magic number involved. If you can prove the damage and prove the loss date, then, most carriers will accept a claim.

Where things become dicey is two-fold. First, if you have a dispute and the loss date is more than 1 year (in some states 2 years) then the homeowner loses their right to file suit.

Second, if you read through the policy language, after a range of 180 days to one year after the loss, the policyholder loses their right to replacement cost also known as recoverable depreciation.

One thing that I never understood is that if a claim occurred three years ago, shouldn’t the insurance company pay the claim based on the material and labor costs from three years ago? Otherwise, people who sit on their damage have inflation guard.



They may only have been made aware of the fact that there was an insurable damage event that occurred on their home.

People don’t know that this is covered unless they are in an area that has regular solicitors and crews providing the insurable recovery work.

Also, many people are misguided as to the representation of what"Depreciation" is, per the terms of their insurance contract, so they figure that they won’t recoup much of the cost and it is not worth the hassle to inquire and have a claim against their CLUE record.

Let’s take an example.

A home owner has had the same insurance company for the entire 12-15 years that they have owned their home.

They don’t know that their roof ever was damaged by hail.

Finally, one day they call for an estimate and are advised that they have hail damage even if it looks to be several years old in the asphalt dulling, but their are no documented reports of hail damage in their specific town or zip code.

Does that mean that the obvious true damage is not covered?

If so, why? They just found out about it and made a claim promptly after being notified.



Hey Ed:

Just like roofers have contracts so do insurance companies. Everyone’s policy is a contract.

These contracts state you must make your claim within a reasonable time frame. They state that a homeowner has certain rights during certain periods of time.

An insurance policy has a whole list of duties that a homeowner with which a homeowner must comply. Otherwise, they have grounds to decline the claim.

Does the delay in reporting prejudice the insurance company? If in your scenario, the claim happenned in 1994 and they just got around to it, then, the insurance company gets prejudiced because of 15 years of increased material and labor costs

It would be similar to you giving me a quote for my roof 10 years ago and then I come to you today and say put my roof for this price that you quoted.

If a homeowner has damage they need to report it and report it timely. The insurance company, in a long delay, loses the opprtunity to inspect the damage when it is initially occurred and the chance to evaluate the claim at that time.

Otherwise, one could live with damage for a prolonged period of time and then when true failure occurs, then, they could submit their claim on an open ended basis.

There is no way for an insurer to charge a proper premium if loss costs can be open ended as this essentially makes an insurance policy a maintenance policy. If that ever happens, then very few people will have insurance and you and i would not be having our enlightening discussions! :smiley:


taking a devils advocate role here on behalf of the potential income from sales for stormers…let say average 20 sq roofs $300/sq= $6000,

10% is $600X 1 per day selling 1 every day 7 days a week
= 4200x 52 weeks = $218,400/ year… selling one roof a day…at $600/ day commission…

stay tuned for a follow up " paint a pretty picture" for installers…if interested


[quote=“Authentic Roofer”]I agree that alot of “storm chasers” do all of the things said above but the same can be said for alot of “local” roofers!

I have yet to chase a storm with my own company but I intend to do so when to opportunity arises.

There are bad apples in every industry that give guys like me a bad rep but there is nothing you can do about it.

I lost a job today because an adjuster told the homeowner Im a storm chaser scum bag but yet I was born and raised where I live and run my business… so apparently just knowing how to handle an insurance company puts me in the sleezeball category.

So to spare you a ten page long response I will end by saying that there is nothing wrong with chasing a storm if you work for a good company that will put on a good roof and if they do leave town will find somebody to service any warranty claims they may have when they are gone.

If you take the attitude that you are helping people, take pride in your work and happen to make a damn good living doing so then there is nothing wrong with it. If your doing it just for the money then please do us all a favor and seek income elsewhere.[/quote]

I have another post about relocating to Ohio, and have a good friend that will handle any future problems with my past jobs (should there be any).
All past customers will be made aware of my move.
He said he would be happy to do it since we have known each other for 15 yrs.,and he knows the kind of work I do, since we have done many roofs with each other.
I am most likely going to travel when I move , and I am sure that where ever I go I will make a good name for myself, and if any company gives me work they will not be sorry…
I did my sister’s roof and 1 other last winter in Tn.,(6 in. ice at my house and 12 degrees out)65 and sunny there, and she has had many compliments, and people offering whatever to get me to come back for them,but 13 hrs. is a long commute for a few roofs.Maybe this winter if it is slow again like last winter.