Still have 5 years?


This portion of the roof has some weathering due to water runoff. Rest of the roof is in much better shape. Sorry no pictures of good part. This is the worst part, probably about 10 x 5 area. How long do you think this will last? Every roof I look at looks way worse than mine, should I replace or wait it out for a few years? Is this really bad or am I just over concerned. No leaks.



Is it leaking? If not, you could use the next 2-3 years to save up for replacement. I’ve seen worse still shedding water and keeping the house dry.


I assume your in Canada, probably alberta or Sask going by the snow?
If so, I wouldn’t wait too long but you might stretch it a bit. Your roof probably doesn’t have any Underlayment beyond the first row, maybe none at all if that’s a porch or garage. So there is no backup to the shingles.
Those shingles have been discontinued for around 10 years, otherwise I would suggest a patch. In my experience with the organics is that once one spot starts to rot it’s pretty soon that they all will.
If it’s not leaking you can probably get a couple years out of it, I wouldn’t bank on five but two maybe three isn’t out of the real of possibility.


Most of the roofs I have seen in that condition are kept water tight by the underlayment.

It is at the point that deterioration is going to happen quickly.