Step flashing - how close to avoid nailing near flashing


Specifics - low slope porch gable roof, about 3/12 slope with 3 tab shingles.

Is there a minimum distance from the wall and flashing that I should avoid nailing a shingle tab? I am assuming that on a low slope roof there is a good chance that water can move horizontally some distance away from the wall. In the picture I’ve attached it doesn’t seem unreasonable that water (red) could reach a nail (blue) a half tab from the wall. Should I avoid nailing this close to the wall? What about the a full tab from the wall? Recommendations? Thank you in advance!


Really no difference than your field joints. If you are installing on the halves, your nails are 6" from the flutes, so if your on 5", your nails are 5" from the flutes. I don’t put a shingle fastener through my step flashing. If you are concerned caulk it. I’d be more concerned about the 3/12 pitch. That’s below manufacture requirements for watersheding.