Steep pitch roofing foot wear

Was wondering what the fellow members recommend
for brand of shoes/boots on steep pitch. Also anybody use cougar paws? Never heard of anybody using them in my area. Opinions greatly appreciated

Once a roofer always a roofer

Rockport walking shoes have been holding up rather well.

Nikes fall apart within 2 weeks, the soles rip off of them…
Nikes are junk.

Filas hold up pretty well if you can find them.

I go through a pair of shoes in about 6 weeks, the Rockports are going on 5 months and still intact.

Whatever it is it must be made of real leather, the thicker the better.

Gonna need boots soon… :cry:

I have had name brand basketball shoes last between 2 weeks and 2 months.

My Dad wears leather flat bottom boots made in the USA from Fleet Farm for around $100 a pop. He gets several months out of them.

The last two pairs of basketball shoes I bought from Target lasted a week.


I use $20 Wal-Mart specials. I get their hiking boots with a good sole. They last me about 3-4 months. I use Sorels in the winter because it is usually below 10 outside. Some gov’t jobs require steel toe so I have a pair of those also. Oh yeah I can’t forget about the Xtra-Tufs. They are great for just about anything and Yes they work on steep metal panels.


Recently got some Cougar Paws for the 1st time; beware on the sizing as it seems to run a bit large.

I don’t wear them on all roofs, only 9:12 & worse…

& FWIW (“for what it’s worth”), I have heard that Cougar Paws are the only shoes or boots that you can take a tax deduction for.

I’ve been using a pair of Nike air basketball shoes that I had in my closet and they seem to grip pretty well but my roof is only 5/12 pitch. How about knee pads, what kind do you guys like? All the one’s I’ve tried end up down around my ankles after a few minutes.I’ve even tried tacking them to my pants with a needle a thread but then they try to pull my pants down with them :>) . Any type that will stay put on the knee?

The Mrs is bringing home a new pair of boots every 2 weeks, got sweaty feet :x Track shoes with tiny spikes are good especially on steep cedar repairs won’t harm shakes, korkers has them too for cedar, metal and shingle

I get a pair of Nike running shoes, the 35 dollar ones. I can walk up a 9 pitch and stick to it pretty well without sliding. I can usually get two to 3 month out of them and they are damn comfortable. They even let air in by your feet so your feet dont get too sweaty.

Agreed. My nike running shoes, DartVI, that i paid $40 for at academy are great.

I wear 20$ Wal-Mart specials. They are called Athletic Works, and are all white low-top walking shoes. They have an extremely soft sole, like a KSwiss only 60 bucks cheaper. They only last a couple of months but I can easisly work a 10 pitch with shingles on my foot. 12 pitches are also doable but I cant hold the shingle on my feet. Ive been telling all my employees to go get them and a few of them finally have. They are by far the best things I’ve ever worn on a roof. They have holes throughout the shoe so granuales get in and until you get used to that they get a little uncomfortable at the end of the day.

I buy several pairs at a time. I will be lost when they stop selling them.

I use the HI-TEC Altitude hiking shoe.They last me 5-6 months and cost about 65$.

it seems to me like regardless of what shoes i wear i have trouble walking 8/12 and up. i used to walk 10/12s easily. maybe i am just getting older or smarter.

sounds about right!

When i look for shoes, my eyes scan for black first because it hides the dirty work i do.

Then i look at the bottem of the shoe.
The top and sides dont concern me.

The bottem of the shoe should have a flatish bottem.
The lugged shoe bottem will work but will gouge into the shingle work or flatwork.
The flatish bottem should be a soft rubber, not a hard rubber.

Nothing worse than buying a pair of shoes that didn’t even work for one day on that 7 or 8.

Currently using some black brahmas from walmart.
Bought a pair, they worked great and immediately went and bought two more.
No they dont last very long. No roofing shoe really does.

Not concerned greatly with looks,comfort or price
Just concerned with walking confidently on a steep roof for a couple of months.

I am always looking for that perfect shoe.
Great thread!!!

Dr. Martins or Red wing high top boots. Something about the non-agressive tread. They will stick like cougar paws. You’ll have to spend at least $100 or more, but your life is well worth it.

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If they stick like Cougar Paws but cost $ 100.00 or more, why not skip the Doc Martens & Red Wings (known to some here in Texas as the “Oil Patch Specials”) & instead, get Cougar Paws with replaceable soles? Seems like it might be a less expensive way to go.

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