Steel roof installation?

I am adding a room addition on my house. I am using trusses 16" on center 5-12 pitch and decking it using 1/2 OSB. I was going to roll felt paper on the sheeting and then install 29 Ga. painted steel roofing. I was told by a few people that i must run stringers on top of the feltpaper 3 feet apart the length of the roof and screw the steel to it?

Can anyone with experience tell me if my method will work? I have the foam that you put on top under the ridge cap and under the steel at the bottom.

Please help ASAP, Thank you

First of all, I couldn’t get past your 29 gage statement. Why would you want to roof your house with aluminum foil? At least step up to 26 gage if not 24 gage. If you use 29 gage and it gets hit by a branch, hail, or anything else you will get a kink that usually tears the metal. If you are hell-bent on using 29 gage, at least install two layers of 30# felt to help protect yourself. If it isn’t too big an area, you may actually want to cover the sheathing with ice & water shield first.

As for the stringers, if I understand your question correctly, you will need to install them at intervals so you can properly secure the metal roof panels.

STOP !!!

install the perlins on top of the trusses and THEN install the OSB.

Put down Ice and Water shield instead of felt and then, yes, use a thicker steel.

there are alot of roofs well over 20 years old
that are 29 gauge.

your question was going along well then i lost ya
when you talked about the foam.
so ill just say that i have torn off many metal roofs
over many different underlayment brainstorms, and never once has the underlayment cause a problem.

put whatever you want under the metal then make sure you install the metal properly and youll be just fine.


OP is speaking about Foam Closure Strips Gweedo.


Where are you located? Depending on your heat situation, something other than ‘typical’ felt is going to be in order due to the potential for high heat.