State farm claim- need advice (dallas Texas Area)


so i’m just starting my roofing company i’m 24 years old and have only completed one insurance claim in my life (about 2 weeks ago)… lately i got a homeowner with clear hail and wind damage— recent storm ( i was physically there when it happened) … my question is the HO has State farm, are they tough to deal with? should i hire an adjuster? a friend of mine who, is an adjuster recommended for me to meet with the insurances adjuster and give him an itemized list of things that i think need to be replaced— BUT TOLD ME TO NOT INCLUDE THE PRICE, SINCE IM NOT ALLOWED TO NEGOTIATE— any tips and trick will be really appreciated! thanks !!!


You can talk price and scope, but not policy is my understanding.
They may try and intimidate you and dismiss the scope of damage you see.
Take lots of photos and document everything. Appraisal is one option before PA or attorney.
I also work the DFW area also and know what your going through, and sorry to say your age works against you. We have worked many SF claims and one day they are tough the next day they are somewhat fair.
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I also have a lot of experience with State Farm, although I am in the Midwest.

You should avoid talking about the policy other than to confirm whether it is an ACV or RCV policy because in most states, you have to be a licenced agent to discuss policy specifics.

State Farm is all over the map on what they pay and what they don’t. You will generally get a better outcome with a Cat adjuster than a local desk adjuster but there’s no guarantees. Assuming they approve the roof, some of the stuff they will try to not pay is flashing, trying to tel you it can be “re-purposed”. Simply explain that by the time the crew pulls the felt out from underneath it won’t lay flat anymore so will have to be replaced. Get before and after pictures to send with the invoice. Make sure you know what code items are required in your area and have documentation with you when you go to to the adjuster meeting. If your city/municipality follows IRC2015 for example, it clearly specifies that ice & water and drip edge are required and states how much and where. You may get that included just by showing the adjuster the proof, especially if they’re a cat adjuster from elsewhere. If they won’t pay it up front but tell you it can be collected on invoice AFTER the roof is done, make sure they repeat that to the customer so that if they later refuse, it becomes a problem between the customer and SF NOT between you and SF. Just tell the adjuster you prefer to get all this understood up front so you don’t have to file a supplement later (which they hate especially as busy as they are now).

Most important, make sure the customer knows what they should pay and why. provide them with the same info you give the adjuster. It’s the homeowner that has the insurance contract with SF, not you. Don’t let the customer blame you for anything SF won’t pay.


Almost forgot. As far as rates, they will pay rates straight off Xactimate for your area in the month the claim was files using Eagleview for measurements.


just got time to review all your msgs, i really appreciate all the advice and tips. The adjuster will be going this Tuesday ,hopefully everything goes according to plan!! also i did some investigating and from my understanding the city of dallas uses IRC2015 (they’ve just updated the wording). I’m reading up on it this month as we speak.

My client has a ACV policy, luckily the first roof i did was also ACV ( are these common?)


You are not allowed to discuss price or policy. You’re allowed to discuss line items and construction requirements. Texas is particularly picky about this, or can be. If there are issues, let your customer discuss it with the insurance company. They have the power anyway.


Authentic_Dad, yes that is what i’m planning on doing but the adjuster pulled a fast one and showed up an hour early and left before i even got there so i’m working on my Estimate as we speak… I received his estimate, i feel its a bit low so i’m looking at what line items can be included. Thanks guys i Appreciate the advice, if you have any thing you feel will help by all means send your knowledge my way! THANKS!!


Question: The adjuster didnt include the cost to replace the decking, ( the current decking is 13 years old and might be in good condition), do you guys recommend for me to try and include that in my estimate? thanks ( i will be submitting my estimate in 2 days)


I don’t understand why an insurance company (usually the guys who try their hardest to get out of paying for things) would pay to replace 13 yr old (pretty new in the roofing world) decking (which is probably perfectly fine).


@IslandRoofing: That’s exactly what i was thinking… , i’m trying to get the client approved for as much as possible by just adding line items , weird question i know, but id rather look dumb on this forum then on my way to the bank! Thanks for your input!! hopefully i can be like you guys one day, PROS.


If the decking is 3/8 instead of 1/2 yes. But State Farm and Allstate have both denied the decking because the policyholder did not have code upgrade on her policy. Crazy…


If you just start adding frivolous line items, then you’ve lost all your credibility for the real line items. Your estimate should be for the valid line items where you actually plan to do the work. Throwing a bunch of crap out there hoping some of it sticks is not a professional way to do things. And it makes you appear as if you have no clue for what you’re doing and/or like you’re trying to cheat the insurance company.


@Authentic_Dad thanks for the feed back, this will be my 3rd insurance claim ever so i’m trying to learn as much as i can. I was able to get the claim approved, i just feel like i missed some possible line items. If you guys have any suggestions on any classes or training i could take i would greatly appreciate it! if not thanks for the advice everyone!


Elena Wilson is great.