Startup Construction Company


I am trying to start a new general contracting construction business. I want to start out doing mostly roofing since that is what I am most familiar with and maybe get into some new construction and remodeling work also and sub contract out some of those jobs also. I am familiar with everything I need to do to start the business for the most part. What I am unsure of is if I need to be licensed as a contractor or business in general in every city I do work in? I am located in a small town in Kansas that doesn’t require much licensing, but I want to be able to do jobs in multiple towns and possibly the Kansas City area as well because it isn’t too far from me.


You need to call each city’s building department. Depends on the State and City. I very much doubt that each city will require a different or distinct professional license. They may require you to purchase a business license and to pull permits. Call and find out.


Kansas City area will require a business license in every city you work in. Not a big deal on Missouri side because fewer cities than on the Kansas side of metro. For anywhere in Kansas you will need to be a registered roofer with the state! Also almost all cities in kc metro area require permits and you must be licensed roofer to pull permits. Contact the Johnson county contractor license to find where you can take test to get licensed if you aren’t already.
You will need to have proper ins coverage via work comp and gl before you start any of this process. Worm up your checkbook, it’s gunna get some use! Lol