Starting my company -- NEED ROOFERS

I’m a Certified Building Contractor and Certified Roofing Contractor in Florida and am trying to start my own construction company. I’m trying to get a good, reliable, roofing crew together but am having a really hard time finding subs that have their insurance and workmans comp, most are all illegals. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated! I have tons of work but can’t find a good, LEGAL, crew!

Good luck! How about you buy the insurance and charge your subs a percent?

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Thanks for the response, I have GL myself as a contractor but subs have to have their own over themselves as well as workers comp over their employees. Im struggling finding subs with both even one of the two actually…

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I worked under GCs in Georgia 30 years ago and never carried insurance. We just worked under their policy and the coverage was negotiated as a deduction on a percent basis by trade. I dunno if that’s still an option or not…