Starting a Roofing Company


Holy crap…$2.65/hr?! I always wondered how someone could work for (let alone live on) the $5.85 fed min wage (as of 2007)…


Work 8 hours and by the time uncle sam dips in your pocket you walk away with a whoping $17 for the day.

Businesses who pay that should be ashamed…thats slave labor. Maybe Ok for 16 year olds with afterschool jobs to get extra money for CDs and such, but for anyone else, thats absurd.

We complain about cheap mexican works and then have a state law that allows THAT?



I recently posted a link to a site that shows every states Minimum Wage rates and was really amazed that either some are so low, or that other states have no regulations at all.



hello i’m in Ontario been roofing almost 5 years can do any pitch from 2/12 to 24/12 just not flats was the lead guy on my crew for over a year , ran a crew of 3 guys . i wanna run my own company i know i have the knowledge and the skills … whats the best way to go about this. I have been doing take offs pricing material and did carpentry for a couple years so have no problems replacing ply wood or fixing rafters …i need help to get things going tho what do i do


oh and i was making over 20 a hour


Planning to start a Residential Roofing Business, I found this article online

Hope it helps!!


Old thread but hope this helps - here is an article Ultimate Roofing Calculator & Resource Guide explaining roofers salary & employment as well as insurance/licensing requirements by state

Also this is another resource Starting a Roofing Company Checklist that might help as well


Great Articles. Keep em coming



Starting reading this and came to a post I WROTE OVER 8 YEARS AGO, LOL!!!

In the past 8 years learned a lot more about running a business than my first 8 years.

Wonder if the OP ever opened a roofing business?


So what happened? Did you ever get this roofing company up and running. You would be 26 yo now.Roofing Tampa


Hi I’m new to this site I been roofing an siding for 15 years I want to start my own business I just have no idea what I need to do about getting my business started or how to get work I no how to do the job just not the business part I live in New Jersey any help would be greatly appreciated


If you are what you say, come see me in kc and I’ll give you a job for a much better pay! I’m looking for young men with ambition! Let me know here if you’re interested!


Find a reputable roofing company and sell for them for at least 3 years before starting a roofing company. We don’t need anymore fly by nights in the industry. No offense but you are much too young to be running a company.


Hey kid I give you a lot of credit for $7 an hour I would hire you 15 to square give me a call 904-568-4205 and I’ll teach you the ropes about a business I think you got your mindset in a good spot but I think it’s 17 you’re not qualified yet to run one


This alll depends on if you are starting a real roofing company , or you are planning on doing labor aspect . Which can be just as profitable … but the roofs don’t sell them selfs … have to really understand what you want to do , labor is hard work but with right roofer he should pay you more than fair market value do little things to make it worth it … but sales side , understand how it happens sales is for self starters … takes time in the street to log miles on the feet … I’m no better than anyone but have had my claws dug in the same area for 5 years everyone knows my trucks logo , and are roofer that installs is the terminator no bullshit 17 roofers 120 sqrs a day in the summer with 12 hours sunlight … even in fall 8-5 50 -60 sqrs on and off … replace rotten , mold wood … synthetic felt , starter , dripedge . Ice and water these boys don’t play … all buisness motivated by the sqr … never corners run a tight ship … but sales is a different ball game , depends on area , knowledge … adjuster relationships a lot goes into it … storm chasing is quick fix … but plant down wave your flag … big dick in town fuck them


If you want to start a roofing business you
must realize that running a profitable roofing company is a lot more
than knowing how to find a leak or replace a roof. Being a successful
roofing business owner involves organization, knowledge, patience,
perseverance, people-skills, and a number of other traits.

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