Starting a Roofing Business

Hi, my name is Angela and I am trying to do a litte research for my husband.We live in Augusta Georgia and my husband is wanting to open a roofing buisness(primarly for my step-son who is a roofer).My question is how would we go about this and what are the steps to starting the buisness.Thank you.

scroll down and read some of the oter threads…this question has been asked 4.1 billion times here. that will answer alot of questions. if you still have “specific” questions come back and ask away.


This isn’t like mowing lawns on the weekends… what kind of experience does your son (or husband) have in relation to roofing?

There is a LOT more to it than shingles slapped onto plywood.

Not saying either of them are lacking in experierence, but you don’t give us much to go on by your post.

you can be the best roofer in the world…but that has nothing to do with “running” a roofing company.

That is so true.
I am not as good a businessman as I could/should be.
I really don’t like the business end, I just have to do it by default.

First Step Is To get your head examined , You must be crazy to try to get into the roofing business right now. If you Pass the mental exam & You Still Want to do this – Best Advice – Don’t , Still Want to Ok - 1) check on License Requirements In Your Area
2) Check on Insurance Costs including Liability , workmens comp & Business Ins For Your Vehicle , Your Ins May not Pay If Its Not Insured as a Business Vehicle. 3) Start Up Costs , how much will vary widely depending on where you are & what you intend to do , Min. of $5,000 & thats going to be a shoestring operation. 4) Check the amount of competition - Look in the yellow pages & then multiply by a factor of 10 . Everyone thinks they can do roofing & then even if your a great roofer are you a great businessman? 5) after you have done these & you still want to go into Roofing Get your Head examined By a better Doctor the first one was a quack.6) You better Find out if you can Sell , if you cant – Forget It , Oh & charging the lowest price -isn’t selling .Yes Maybe Charging $1000 above materials may seem like good money to you , But Your overhead will quickly kill you, Oh & Your overhead will get larger & larger— So you better be making money.
If This still Seems like a great business than scroll over some of the old posts on this topic , if thats to much work --apply at McDonalds They are 2 blocks down on the right hand corner

Very well put Oldman.

the oldguy nailed this one!!!


Does your husband know anything about running a successful business? This is the main question.

Nothing wrong with the roofing business.

Follow-up question:
Is your husband going to be active in this business or just has an huge sum of liquid cash and wants to be a financier?

look at the yellow pages at five year intevels under Roofing heading. you will see mostly all new companies save a few.Most will fail due to lack of roofing knowledge or bad books.


That failure rate is in all business. Not just roofing.