Starting a roofing business in CA



I would like to get started in the roofing business and was considering forming a LLC and then hiring a licensed roofer to work with me. However, it appears the LLC would also need a roofing contractor’s license and the bonding requirements for a LLC are rather high compared to a sole proprietor?

Then I was thinking of having the roofing business in the name of my employee as a sole proprietor and I would be licensed as a “home improvement salesperson” HIS so I can take bids. The problem with this arrangement is when the checks are written they would be to my employee?

Any ideas on the best way to do this? btw CA requires 4 years experience to be licensed


I wouldn’t expose my personal assets to risk by being a sole proprietor in the roofing business. Find someone who has 4 years of experience and make them a partner in the LLC for a couple of percent.