Standing seam

Hey I am on my third standing seam 26 gauge acm roof install and I have a question ? Can you install standing seam on purlins with no decking under them ? I tore off the old metal and It was just purlins the panels are only 9 ft in length. Thanks Joshua

well if its a snap lock system its going to be hard
to get it snaped together.
if you can get it snaped together then it should work.
racetrac gas stations are standing seam on purlins.
so it does work.



Some panels can some cant. I don’t believe a snaplock would be good for open perlin but a heavy gauge double lock would.


We did a hanger last winter that had purlins. We stripped the purlins in with the Vycor 4" Ice and Water by Grace.
We also have our own panel machines so making panels of any lengh is not an issue. The panels on the hanger were 54ft. long.


hey roofboy,
good to read you.
hope all is well for you and yours.
keep warm, i dont know how you do it.
i would freeze to death.

i just layed some 40s.
54s? in alska?
holy crap.