Square per. hour - How many can most put on?


20 sq. Per hour ? Sounds legit , only if you believe I put on 40 sq. on a 12/12 , in my socks , getting my own shingles with a hatchet after clearing the roof of 3’ of snow. 20 in an hour from one guy is a roofers myth. Sorta like the one floating around Oklahoma about a guy called “Machine Gun Kelly”


20sq & HOUR!! Though prefer to be paid by the hour?


Wow, I feel like the fastest shingler alive. Lol yall moving like turtles by the sounds of them comments,
Im not gonna say i can do a certain amount in 1 hour, it varies. Max ive ever done in 1 hr is 6 and 2. On a 5/12.
I layed 31 today, with noone handing me shingles, 3 stepping it and without anyone carrying them to me from the ridge for half the day. Oh and that was in 1 days work. Nothing but the truth or god strike me dead


I once did a 24 square hip roof recover in 6.5 hours. Tops for Just shy of 11 hour day is 34 square, a big ranch with one step down in the front, so three easy sections. These were both backnin my mid to late twenties.
Now, at 43, I am old fat and slow. I work with my son, do most of the cut work, and do 10-12 a day tops. I no longer believe in killing myself to finish it in one day.