Square per. hour - How many can most put on?

We can put on about 50-60 square in an 8 hour day with 4 guys and no leaks.

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Me too!!! :twisted:

[quote=“shangle_nailer”]This question always means nothing to me. If I get on a roof, it is stocked and papered and a 5 pitch clear run gable, sure I’ll put up 20 square in a day. But this is rarely the case.

Steeper = slower
Fighting siding to get new flashing in = slower
penetrations = slower
valleys = slower
ridge vent = slower (hand driven)
cut up (A frames, dormers) = slower
100+ degrees outside = slower
wet wrinkly felt = slower


( jvhamby5 :Finally someone who feels my pain exactly. I am getting old and training my son now. I have a roofers knee and it hurts all the time. Too many steep slopes and bottoms being ran off a toeboard to get the first 3 courses down and set roof jacks all the way to the top. D all of the above and roofers do it right)

If I can put up 4 or 5 square a day on a steep cut up roof, and I know the chit won’t leak til the shingles fail, I’m happy with that and I can make money.[/quote]

Although entertaining, some roofers seem have more BS stories than Disney Land. I hired many guys in the past that in talking to them,I swear where Superman, :o that is till they got on the roof.

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i wish i had a dime for every time i heard “ive been roofing for 17 years. i can do 15-20sq per day, and im not scared of steep”

ends up being more like 4 square per day, and he is sweating and scared to death on a 7 or 8.

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Hey I want a job man !! i hand nail 50 square per minute bare foot in the snow uphill 8)

The most I’ve shingled in a day is 15 squares but I had a feeder. I don’t lay more than 10 usually and I don’t use a feeder.
It’s good enough for me.

sorry guys I did mean 20 sq. per . day ( not per. hour ) . HUGE typo there…like adding another zero on a check by accident …: )

But you all gave great replies…I love this site!!!

Very helpful


If I THINK that I can shingle 20 sq. a day, but I KNOW I can shingle 10, I will price the job @ 10

This is good advice

My grandma can hand nail 5 sq an hour all day. (of course she’s 6’5" tall, benchpresses about 290 pounds and smokes a corn-cob pipe)

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:o . My Grandma’s Hammer is bigger than yours. and she chews tobacco and shingles barefoot.

On a large open area <6/12 I can put on a bundle in 5 minutes. So I’d say 4 square an hour for a pro :wink:

:idea:Are you kidding maybe he means twenty shingles an hour.I can do five sq an hour on a walker after it prepped he must have hired a octopus

Do any of you use the gauge? I have been shingling for 12 years and the company I work for now uses the gauge. It slows me down but I still put down 5 square in an hour and 15 minutes on wed. I put down 17 square in 6 hrs last week. both were 4/12 prepped and loaded. I think i am quicker without the gauge. I am going back down to indiana next week. I am going to shoot for 24 squares in 8 hrs. they should have around 230-250 open for us so i guess ill see what i can do.

We can usually tear off 25 sq per day and dry it in using Titanium underlayment, if no bad weather is near. And then get about 1/2 that amount shingled in, with 3 nailers and 4 laborers. 25 off, 12 on.

Today I did 8 bundls in the time it took me to listen to four songs. (and no not pink floyd) nails spaced correctly and placed through the double laminate.

Our main crew is 7 guys. We tear off almost 25 sq a day (walkable with no rain in sight) and put down a minimum of 10 sq the same day. 2-3 nailers with the other guys tearing off and cleaning ground. Bigger jobs, if the weather is in our favor, we can tear off and dry in 50sq, and get about 20sq shingled in in 1 day. It all depends on the pitch of the roof and THE WEATHER!

Do most of you guys use nail guns? The company I work for we always hand nail. I’ve never even used a nail gun for roofing :(. Wide open big comp jobs I can do about 10 sq in a day hand nailing, but like most of you said, it’s rarely wide open.