Spring/Summer Season

I was comparing our work schedule from last year at the same time, to this year. It seems like we are a little slower than usual this year.

Another contractor I know told me that during an Election year, his business slows down a bit.

Whatever the cause, Im very anxious to head into our spring/summer season. We have had some jobs, but they are a bit spaced out.

Is is busier everywhere else?

I don’t understand why everyone is worried how the year is going to be, it’s barely begun. It’s picking up well here in SE New York, in another 4-6wks I’m sure I will be back to ripping my hair out all day long again.

I know that for our company, the worry we are experiencing is based on sheer numbers. Usually we are working by now. Sure we are getting jobs, but last year by this time, we were, as you put it, “ripping our hair out” already. I hope that we are busy soon, because the bills dont stop when the season slows down. The guys are bored and worried about their bills.

we have been busy for a few weeks now 3 jobs a day. b4 that we were on and off for a few months. over all the #'s are much higher than last year so far to date.

If you don’t mind the inquiry, where are you located? Is there alot of competition in your area? In short, what would you contribute your early spring success to? Or are you always this busy? Im always open to comments and suggestions from other roofers! I never tell myself that I know everything there is to this trade. I am always looking to learn, grow, and expand. Is there anything different your doing, or is this growth of business pretty typical for your company this time of year?

Pretty much dead here. Talked with a few owners in the last week or so, nobdoy has anything going.

Comparing notes, we figure that the only guys working are the guys that are losing money on every job. Its good to be “in” with the supply houses, they can tell you alot about your competitors and where they stand.

So they will be under in a few months and then the profitable jobs will start coming in. Not saying that we’ll be getting any of them, just that maybe a few good paying jobs will be coming down the pipe.

Thinking about moving most of my energy onto bigger and better things.

we are in upstate NY. Abraham Lincoln is one of our only real competitors (but a good competition, we justify each others prices). reputation is why we are busy. each year the rep. grows…and more people call. we have only been in business for going on 8 years, and the past 3 have been huge growth. we credit it to rep., promptness, communitty involvement and such.

Also a big factor is our fleet of very new, very clean and professionally lettered trucks and trailers (billboards as we call em) every where.