Spin Flashing


I have a customer wanting me to stock the Spin Flashing product. I have been to their website, but what practical, real world experience can anyone give me? Thanks.



You have a customer that wants to buy a product that you do not stock.

I guess you have to ask yourself if you want him for a customer.

If I asked you for a product and you did not get it. I would go to someone who did.

Most of the new products my supplier gets comes on my recomendations. I ask him how many he needs to order. Then I let him now if I am willing to buy that many. I buy them one at a time.

Sometimes I will stop using a product. I let him know this. Then use up what he has if no one else is using it.

He has many products that others start to use once they see me using it.


willthat spin flashing work on a steep slope application