Some nice roofing pictures


I thought you guys might like this.

Some nice work there.


Another link. These guys tear the plastic and other temp wood coverings off as they get to them. :smiley:


Admit it Frank.

The only reason you posted this was because those guys weren’t using underlayment. :o


Dang! Caught again! The site I borrowed this from has some fantastic roofing pictures. I’m in communication with the owner to borrow some and give credit where it’s due.

I thought it interesting that they install permanant ladder hooks all over the roofs as they go.


Imagine what it would be like doing a repair on that roof :mrgreen:


We posted at the same time. They install ladder hooks as they go. Wow! They’re starting a larger one soon. I think I’ll apply for a job.

I saw pictures of a steeple, on top of one of those roofs. They suspended scaffolding all around it!


what do you think? 3,000$ a square for that roof? :mrgreen:



On the steeple $3,000 a square would not cover the cost of the schafold, materials, and insurance.

Everyday those guys have an hour travel time once they get to the job. 1/2 hour up and 1/2 hour down. That is a long walk up.

No paper that is always nice to see. That bell tower I did I use paper just so no parishioner could start trouble. It serves no purpose other then that.


I’d like to know what their pay is compared to the rest of the population in that area.

And those are some nice motorized roof scaffold set ups.