Solared powered shingle


Just read an article where Dow Chemical out of Midland, Michigan is developing a solar powered shingle. Should hit the market in 2011!

Is this the future of roofing?


There are a couple of companies that already make them.

1200.00 per square just for the shingles themselves. Add for the electrical, labor, etc., and no one can afford it, no matter what shape the economy is in!


Certainteed has entered the market with a Landmark Solaris shingle. The shingle is not solor powered but has a special blend of granuals that look like the normal line but reduce the heat on the roof including a black shingle.

Jay Butch at a recent Certainteed advisory meeting said they will not be available in Minnesota.


There are several different firms that are developing or are already marketing solar shingles. Hopefully with the Obama administration providing funds for alternative energy formations-we can get the cost of these shingles down to a more reasonable price.
There is a definite need for them when you consider that the Defense Department is developing solar powered tents and tarps that are made of materials that will generate electrical energy for use by the military. Also the private markets have developed a thing photo-voltaic sheet that can be used on or as windows on residential homes.


It is pretty amazing some of the stuff that is coming out. Like the other posters on here I have heard of several manufacturer’s in R&D for a solar powered roofing material in all varieties & styles. Expensive isn’t even the right word to describe the cost, but if it elminates the need for building new or maintaining power plants the funding for those things could be given to the homeowner to put on a new roof, how cool would that be.


The company developing these shingles is called Energy Conversion Devices. They came to talk to our group about eight years ago,

Last week we visited a place in Detroit called Next Energy, which is a consortium of entrepeneurs working on alternative energy programs. One group is developing solar panels that they hope to market to DIYers at places like Home Depot or Lowes.


Yeah Wouldn’t that be a Pisser - The Federal Funding Coming to Inspect My Solar Job - It makes
5000 watts , so the Grid Tie-In - or Local Electric Supplier will be Fighting this every Inch of the Way.

Butt I will be installing a Small Wind Mill , and
They should be helping - All The Green Economy Grow.


Solar shingles have been around since 2005.

I am looking to build an addition and am planning on using them.