Soffit / fascia into roof

Looking how to run this soffit and fascia with soffit box into or against the lower roof. The new soffit comes up about 1” from the bottom of the existing frieze board.

Why do you want to do this?

It is fine as it is and if I understand you correctly you want to bring the upper roofs’ facia & soffit down to connect with the lower roof?

I will be re sheeting and roofing so. So I am trying to vent my roof properly with traditional soffit. This is what I have started on the other side of the house. I’m just unsure how to do the soffit on this side , as if I continue with it around the house the roof on this porch will interfere with the new soffit.

Box in the upper roof to the lower, it would be a bonus if you can build in a little overhang on the upper after boxing it in.

Basically what you are saying is extend the upper roof in the small section they overlap. Then box it in and run the soffit into that?

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Thank you, that sounds like it might work well.