Soffit advice needed

Hello everyone,
I am currently taking bids to have my roof shingled and discovered that I have no soffit vents which is creating frost in my attic near the bottom here in upstate NY. I thought they were just blocked but when I took all the blown in insulation out I could not see or feel an opening in the soffit to the outside. A contractor recommended Master Flow Solar Intake Booster to solve the problem of no air intake at the base of the attic to work with the ridge vents and said a couple of these would be much more affordable than fabricating soffit vents. Does this sound reasonable? I’ve never heard of these things before. Thanks for reading.

I can’t speak for Upstate New York, however down here in Texas, I’ve installed MANY of these on the exhaust side (they go up high & pull hot air out) & have installed about 6 of the intake boosters (installed low & force cooler air in so hot air will go out).

Another alternative is the DCI SmartVent & a frequent poster on here with the ID of “Lefty” has some photos on his picture hosting site of an installation.

The SmartVent is a shallow (decking depth only) 2" or so wide slot that is cut into the roof deck from L to R all across a lower section of the roof & then the product is installed over the gap.

The SmartVent gets shingles right over it & there’s not a lot of visibility IMO. I’m sure if Lefty sees this thread he’ll post his links or some photos. You can also look for a thread he responded to within the past few days where he posts his photo links; look in the folders if you find it.

Thank you for the reply. I have received three bids and here is the list. My roof is approximately 1200 square feet with one gable. No ridge or soffit vents.

Company 1- $6800 for tear off, shingle with 30 year GAF, aluminum in valleys, regular felt and ridge vents and no soffit vent solution.

Company 2 - $6500 for tear off, 30 year IKO shingles, regular felt, aluminum in valleys, ridge vents and 3 master flow intake boosters for soffit ventilation.

Company 3- $7900 for tear off, 30 year GAF shingles, deck armor, adhesive valley guards under shingles, ridge vents, and installed smart vents around entire base of roof.

What do you think? My first house so I don’t want to be taken advantage of.

#3, based on the information given.

Thank you Axiom. I was leaning that way myself. It seems like even though it’s the highest estimate it will be the cheapest in the long run.

3 sounds like the best VALUE to me


Company #1 doesn’t address the ventilation issues? Automatic disqualification.

Company #2 uses IKO shingles. First of all price wise IKo shingles are the cheapest available. The Company and product come from Canada. Some may be made locally? I as well as many other roofers will tell you that we have torn off alot of IkO roofs that have leaked within 10 years or so. The shingle has a very bad rep, however the company claims to have improved it. They claim to be using much better raw materials. Just be alerted that they still need to prove themselves with thier new materials.

Company #3 uses a good 30 year shingle, uses a breathable high performance underlayment. Which is expensive but is a great benefit (especially in your situation). Seems to be using ice guard. Also though his price is the highest your getting great value. If you got more bids from contractors using these materials the numbers will be about the same.

I would recommend that you check the credentials of company #3. Go visit thier current jobsite as well as the few they just finished. Ask for credentials such as better business bureau, certified installer of product, etc.

BTW A member here at that goes by “Marshall Exteriors” is located somewhere in Up state New York. I would advise you to Contact him, he seems very knowledgable and a straight shooter as well. I’m sure he can help you out.

This is Marshall Exteriors website.

FWB said just about everything I was going to say… the 1st had no mention of intake ventilation, the 2nd has IKO & while I’ve never had an opportunity to use them (nobody here in Texas carries them), I’ve heard lots of bad PR here on (although supposedly the stuff they keep within Canada is good but the ones that cross the border are ‘teh suck’.

3 With Deck Armor caught my eye immediately. In reality, if you were to remove the cost of the Deck Armor & trade that out with ‘regular’ felt, # 3 would probably cost less than the first two.

1’s Price is actually the highest of them all because they don’t have any ventilation on the intake side. # 2’s List does include the GAF intake units & these cost (per item) a minimum of around 175.00 +/- tax, so if you were to take # 2's price & remove the fans, they would price from 6,500.00 down to $ 5,900.00.

By the way, have any of these estimates listed what size your roof is, i.e. how many squares OFF & how many squares ON?

[By the way, have any of these estimates listed what size your roof is, i.e. how many squares OFF & how many squares ON?[/quote]

Just out of curiousity do you or any other members here include the amount of squares in your bid?

Let’s see if this shows up large enough to read… it’s a scanned copy of my estimate form (Excel based). I essentially do an overtype, remove or add, or edit each line as needed.

The first line under “description” will fit the word “removal” once I delete “3 Tab” or “Dimensional”.

This doc is under constant revision & is for the the most generic of houses, however every job has something different than the last, so it’s always subject to modification (example: no information for chimney or low slope roofing work).

no one mentions flashing behind the gutter,or ice and water shield,you need both here along with soffit/intake,and ridgevent/exhaust venting,keep shopping,where are you in new york,I`m in Rockland county,this is my website

Thank you all very much for the feedback. I apologize, Company 3’s estimate states “Install new Storm Guard Ice and Water protection.” The estimate also specifically states 6 nails per shingle. Company 2’s estimate states “Ice guard under first two rows of shingle.”