SO confused by black shingle colors - PLEASE help me!

Hi - I’m hoping you can help me regarding color as I am extremely confused! Which is the darker Certainteed Landmark shingle - Charcoal or Moire Black? I went to a local distributer and they said Charcoal was the darkest and showed me sample boards, which indeed showed Charcoal as darkest. I then got several addresses of local homes that had both types of shingles. I drove around and Moire Black looked so much darker!!! It was almost flat black with no color variation! All of the Charcoal roofs seemed to incorporate some gray color and looked more patchwork (which is the look I am going for). I am so worried to pull the trigger because I don’t want a solid black roof, I would like a lighter black with variation…so which is the darkest black shingle, Charcoal or Moire Black?

My runner up shingle is the GAF Charcoal. On the sample board it appears lighter than both Certainteed options, yet on a home it looked darker?!?

Can anyone clarify this for me? Also suggestions as to which is the better shingle - Certainteed vs GAF. And is it worth the up-charge for the Pro or Ultra HD line? I need to make a decision ASAP. Also, we are siding our home with Certainteed Granite Gray Monogram Vinyl siding and we have black shutters.

Thanks in advance!

The best thing you can do is to ask the distributor for a sample of the shingle. Then put it on your roof, if you can, and view it from afar.

I’m not a Certainteed fan but I do think the moire black is the most consistent and nice black shingle of any brand.

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Thanks Authentic_Dad - what do you think of the GAF Timberline Charcoal shingle? When you say Moire Black is the most consistent, do you mean that it looks solid black with no variation in color?

Whatever you put on will fade within a few years. If you want a real example of what it will look like look at a few houses with each at least 5 years old.

Both certainteed and gaf put out a good product.

IMO Certainteed & GAF are at opposite ends of the quality spectrum.

In 28 years of roofing I can’t think of any good points about GAF shingles, not a single one.

Yes. Black is a tough cloud in that it won’t tolerate any color variation or it is very noticeable. I agree with Axiom on GAF.

Not sure how they are in your area but in central PA GAF shingles at least have the most aggressive sealing strip by far (the only one even close to competing is OC). While they are not my favorite shingle either at least they win at something.

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Thanks everyone! So it looks like CertainTeed comes out above GAF. Has anyone seen or worked with the CertainTeed Landmark Charcoal or Moire Black shingles? If so, does anyone know which shingle I should pick if I want a lighter black that shows some variation?

Also, is it worth the upcharge for me to get the Landmark Pro line?

Different plants across the nation have different results.
I can only speak for the plant that serves me here in North florida.

The moire black is a lighter shingle.
It has no variation at all and is a disgrace to this once great color that was/ is Moire black.

The Charcoal is a little darker and it does have some variation.

The Charcoal is the one that i choose now
Because i can see its variation.

"Light and dark colors blend for a natural look"
Used to be written on every certainteed sample board.
My particular certainteed plant has FAILED
With "moire black"
Other plants might still succeed in the moire black with some variation in it but i can not speak for it.

As someone else said,
The charcoals fade every year that goes by,
So dont worry at all about one being too dark.

Anyone have any thoughts about IKO Cambridge Dual Black shingles? Or am I best to stick w/ Certainteed brand?

I would ask how old the jobs they showed you were. Morie black changed several years back when certainteed switched to the HD (high Def colors). We did a few jobs with the landmark TL morie black several years back in the same area. Recently a customer down the street wanted the same color. The new morie black he has alot more color variation than it had years ago.

After doing some research, I’m leaning towards the Landmark Pro Max Def Charcoal Black. I saw a Moire Black Max Def roof in person and although I loved the variation, it seemed to take on a cool tone. My home is going to be sided in Certainteed Granite Gray (which is a warm gray) and will have black shutters. I’m afraid the siding color will clash with the Moire. If I get Charcoal Black in Max Def, will it show variation? I just don’t want a solid black roof.

Please share your pics with the sun behind your back. Please!
Its going to look beautiful.
Choose Black perimeter metal also.

I am having the same problem. How did this turn out for you and do you have any pictures? Thanks!

MOIRE Black is your choice…I have installed numerous homes with both …hope this helps

The MOIRE Black is your best choice as I have installed many. The charcoal black has a darker more solid black color