Snow Storm and Warranty

With the huge snowstorm and severe freezing weather that hit Texas, is this kind of weather viewed as severe weather event or act of God with most roofing companies with their contracts when it comes to warranties against leaks?

That happens all over the northern half of the US every winter. If industry standards and manufacturers specs were adhered to, there should be no leaks or roofing issues to deal with…

Most workmanship warranties don’t cover ice dams. Roofs in Texas was well as insulation aren’t designed and installed with the recent weather in mind. I’m guessing there are tons of problems right now.

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Act of God. Smart contractor’s specify abnormal regional weather events as such in their warranty disclosures.

Many people will be taking God to court over this. (See “Frank vs God” funny movie)

Are the insurance companies going to eat it?

Depends on the policy and the coverage. In most cases, the deductibles are such that minor to medium interior repairs don’t surpass the deductibles enough to make it worth filing a claim. What’s going to cost the IC’s a ton are all the frozen pipes that are bursting and flooding basements and houses.

I don’t see a lot of people suing their roofing contractor over ice dam interior damages. Anybody that has gone through a civil suit realizes that you don’t file a suit for a thousand bucks. Many roofing workmanship warranties also have a disclaimer for any and all damages under the roof in the event of a problem. Ours does. In some cases, we may go ahead and make those repairs. It depends. I would say 3 to 5 out of 10 workmanship warranty calls end up being something that has nothing to do with our workmanship. An example would be the chimney cover. Or the grout on the brick chimney chipped away. Or some siding or gutter contractor. On average, maybe 2 out of 10 workmanship warranty calls are actually poor workmanship.

This event isn’t going to damage any roofs, no ice dams with no heat.

There is going to be a lot of interior damage from broken pipes.