Snow in the attic ! HELP


Ok so my attic is full of snow actualy was full of snow.
Now my master bedroom is full of water it’s even comming out of the light switch.
My home is less then 3 years old. It has the roof vents that are on the very top.
I’ve called the builder :evil: he says that the snow just blows in those ridge vents well this is only my second winter here and the second time snow has been in our attic.
My question is this should I just expect snow to be in my attic every winter?
Is this normal?
Do ridge vents do this / Ive talked to other builders and they say something is wrong.
Is there anything I can do in regards to the builder?
is there anyway or any one to call that can assist me.
thanks in advance,


sit tite someone will be here to help, today.
im learnin cold climate roofing myself.



Smiley - Here in Michigan I see this all the time. Builders often use whomever they can find to do the roof the cheapest. They don’t care about quality. Usually snow in the attic is a sign of a cheap ridgevent or improperly installed ridgevent. I often see the opening for the ridge vent is cut too wide. Specifications usually call for a 3" opening total width. When the carpenters get to the top of the roof and the last sheet of full plywood lays 6" from the top they usually do not fill in the other piece and just leave it. Now there is a 12" opening for example which is way too much. The roofer then puts the ridgevent on and it does not cover the opening correctly and thus snow enters. You could be getting the “suction” effect due to improper ventilation. Need to know more info and or some pictures of your ridge vents application and soffits.
I would talk to the builder and find out what type of ridgevent was used on your house. Get the name and then we can help with the specifications. If installed wrong, I would hope that the builder/roofer will reinstall it. Where do you live ? You did not mention that.
Ridgevents vary from one model to the next. I would only recommend about 2 brands especially in snow regions. Alot of cheap ridgevents that are just that - cheap and thus problems. It is usually the non exterior baffled ridgevent that leaks. Let me know if I can assist you in any other way.

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Tim is right but to elaborate on that a bit do you have any other vents on the home at all? Are there vents in the side of the home? Some pictures of the attic and the outside of the roof would be helpful so we can correctly find the problem without guessing. What location are you at? Please return than answers so i can better assit you. Thanks


Thanks for the help.
I’m in central IL I can’t imagine this is normal
I’ll get som pics takin today and post them up.


If you are close to Lockport there is a good roofing mechanic named Aaron B. He posts here also, im sure if you are within reason in time to your home he could tell you what is going on and fix the problem.


Smiley - being that you are in Illinios and experience similiar weather as us in Michigan, I am willing to bet your problem lies exactly in what I previously posted. Let me know and get us pics !!


ill agree with timothy with one thing to add, that much snow leads me to believe youve got a power vent up there too. If thats the case, thats a definite no, no.


Another area you might want to check is the gable vents, I had the same problem on a customers house and found tat the gable vents were exausting and allowing the ridgevents to suck snow in along all ridges. so I went into the attic and blocked all gable vent holes with plywood, and have never had another issue at that house. bottom line make sure the ridge vents are the only exaust vent on the roof. Also the ridge vent by Air Vent Inc. has a filter that blocks drifting snow effectively if you try all fixes mentioned in the replies


i agree . i would only use airvent or GAF snow country vents, they are almost identical.


close gable vents(obsolete w/ridge vent),you have a metal ridge vent w/loosened fasteners which allows the snow to blow in under the vent(my bet),replace it w/ a shingle over style ridge vent(cobra,tamko,b.obdyke)and your problems will be gone-that`s ridiculous,but all too common w/cheap contractors


It sounds like the ridge vent is the culprit. Some ridge vents allow the snow to drift up and into your attic. Whether the system is balanced or not is another issue. The ridge vent should be hurricane proof, blizzard proof and rain resistant. Builders should know this. In the winter, snow blows around because the flakes are lighter than rain. Because of this, snow can get into a low cost, non-protected vent but rain may not. Bottom line, change your ridge vent (not too costly) and you might want to use the Hurricane-proof SmartRidge II by DCI Products. Tested and proven to be hurricane and blizzard proof by ICC and BOCA testing lab. :smiley:

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