Snow in Attic Help!

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Hey guys thanks for all the great info. And yes IKO you are right the picture you put up is almost the same kind of roof vent that I have. Here are some pics i took they are not great because they were taken from the ground. I think i am going to call a roofing company tommorrow and see what thoughts on how to keep the snow out of these vents, I don’t have gable vents. I was wondering what if I took some mesh type material and covered up the existing vents from the outside? Or what about if I went into the attic and affixed something from the inside to cover up the vent like a metal mesh?

Sorry here are the pictures. Sorry I couldn’t get the IMG button to work but here are the links to them. … otostream/

I imagine those vents come with a screen, although it could have fallen out or been removed by the installer for some reason. An external wrap may help, but you’d want to be a little careful about restricting the airflow. I think calling a local roofer is the right idea…I’m located in the Pacific Northwest and we don’t really get drifting snow, so a local guy could have a better handle on it…

Nothing particularly wrong with those vents, it’s unfortunate your experiencing a leak. Quick question to make sure it’s the vents that are the problem and not a condensation buildup occuring simultaneously with snow, how’s your insulation level? Lots?

Has anyone (ie: you) looked under the snow pile in the attic to ensure the leak is occuring directly below where the snow is piling up?

I’ve seen it before where what ‘seems’ to be the problem is actually a coincidence occuring in the same conditions as another, ie: the real, problem.

Please advise…

Eric the Roofer

Well when this happened the first time I did not look in the attic I just had the builder deal with it they told me that the vents did not have some sort of screen that the roofers were supposed to put in they said they fixed this. I had no problems for almost 2 years. This time when it happened I actually went into the attic and from what I could tell right where the water was coming in through the ceiling is where a pile of snow was found and this was directly under one of the vents. By the way this house is very new just built in 2006.

Maybe the vent is getting lifted up by wind and the snow is blowing in underneath the flange…a couple of grommeted screws in the lower corners of the flange might do the trick…

Do you have any soffit vetilation? Vents between your guttet and home? Think the underside of your roof where there is an overhang.


It could be blowing in the gable vents if he has them.

The theorys of exhaust need to be put aside if you want to find a solution. You are trying to find something that is wrong not debating who is right. Holding to these theorys is why people can not find leaks.

The front of the vent could be installed wrong. Or not fastened down correctly. Lifting up like was said.

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Ed, Kevin

Once again, the exception proves the rule?

The house in question has no ridge vent or gable vent. Without jumping to conclusions, what do you think is causing this “short circuit” of the roof ventilation? Or is it just a case of a light flaky snowfall and just the right drift of wind?


Could you post a picture of the house exterior? Is this a hip style roof? And do you have soffit vents that are open and unblocked by insulation?

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From the pics. it looks like a hip roof to me from the angle of the vent to the cap.Vents look like they are mid-span of roof(in pics can’t see ridge or fascia.
If that is the case, and I may be wrong but, would that cause them to be intake if they are too low on the roof and he has ridge vent.

LOL! I just went to a leak call today. The roof venting consists of 7 507 style vents (the vents that are pictured 2nd in iko’s post,except they have a factory installed screen or “fence” around the perimeter, and two turbines inbetween these. Soffit vents. we had a three inch snow last Saturday. now all the way across the ceiling there are water stains on the seames in the dry wall. This is a church, one long sanctuary. No water on the plywood, around the vents, only soaked below on the inuslation and sheetrock. New turbine tops installed last summer, never happend till now. Short circuit? or as the oldtimer that owns the building says .“once in a 15 yr deal when the wind blows just right.” I dont know. Oh ya high winds. but still… never had any probs like this before.

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**or as the oldtimer that owns the building says .“once in a 15 yr deal when the wind blows just right.” **

I suscribe to this line of thinking. Sometimes that is the answer I give the customers. They can change their roof and vents if they like, but chances are real good that this will not happen again. Conditions were just right for this leak.

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Hi I am here in Canada and I had a building with 86 roof vents in it as I went up into the attic and under the roof vents everyone of them had snow up to my waist and that building had massive water coming in every part of this building and the attic space had black mold everywhere from the snow getting past the roof vents. So I invented a new roof vent that has a stainless steel filter inside it and there is no way snow and driving rain is every getting past this vent it is coming out soon if anyone would like to see it sooner just goggle my name Antoine Bourque Thank you all and I will have this fixed soon as my vents comes on market early next year in USA and Canada (Snowventco)

Hi, we already have a solution for this problem it’s called ridgevent.

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They do the same

Antoine Bourque

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