Snow Blown Into Attic through Soffits

I’ve been looking for 3+ hours on the internet to learn more about how to deal with this issue, but without gaining any additional info whatsoever. So I hope that I can pick the brains of the pros that read this post – and I thank you in advance for your time.

I live on the front range (plains) in Colorado where constant high velocity winds are the norm during winter. Even though the snow fall is not terribly heavy, the winds will blow snow up through the soffits and into the attic. Some may be coming through the ridge vents too, but I am not certain. Is there a product that can be stapled over the soffits from inside the attic so as to filter out the snow but allow air to still circulate? I was thinking of using window air conditioner filters but could find no instance of anyone recommending this solution or using it. Our 2-storey house is only 3 years old and seems to be well built otherwise. Your thoughts would be gratefully accepted.

Kind regards,
Lowell on the Range

try posting pics of the soffitts and ridge vent