SmartVent with Presidential TL?

This is my first post - so go easy on me. (I’ve been snooping here for years while I planned towards re-roofing our almost 50 year-old 12/12 pitch cedar roofed house - making the switch to Asphalt with the CertainTeed Presidential TL - while renovating.)

Now - 5 weeks into this roofing job (can you believe it) - and that’s after 4 weeks of delays in getting started - my roofers are admitting that they have never used the combination of SmartVent with Presidential TL - and it shows…

They are trying to apply it in a mid-roof application - along the sides of a gable - above where a pony wall meets the roof (thus blocking any air flow from below). The roof never had any soffit vents (or other vents) before - just cedar over strapping and a steep pitch).

So - here’s my question: Is there a way to apply SmartVent - and I would presume a starter strip above to create a clean edge over the SmartVent (much like the way the edge over the eaves starts)?

The roofers are saying no - because of the spacing and the “jagged tooth” end of the Presidential TL Shakes.

Their solution has the “teeth” of the Presidential TL’s “falling” over the SmartVent (and the resulting hump created)… It look terrible and it’s directly above our front entranceway.

Help - this job has taken so long and is backing up all of the other trades - but I don’t want to accept this if there is an alternative way to make this look right.

Cheers, Dave.

I recently did a mid-roof application with "the Edge"
vents, which are very similar to smartvent.

It is fairly easy to do but there is no way around the hump in the roof it will create.
It is the nature of that type of vent.

Shingle up to the slot that is cut for the vent, install the vent, put Ice & water shield over the vent (don’t block the intake), install starters on the vent and tie into the rest of the roof.

They may need to shorten a course or two to make it look good and the very thick Presidential TL’s are not going to make it any easier.
It should be doable though.

Ed The Roofer will have a much better answer for you.

"…and I would presume a starter strip above to create a clean edge over the SmartVent (much like the way the edge over the eaves starts)? "

Sounds good to me.

Thanks - I am sending some pics in to DCI (SmartVent) - and have my fingers crossed… Axiom’s reply seems to confirm the instructions from SmartVent.

I think the problem is that the roofers installed the shingles all the way up the gable and are now trying to add SmartVent into the mix - instead of following the instructions…

Cheers, Dave.

I have installed the Smart Vent as a mid-roof application an many jobs.

Yes, it requires a Starter Strip shingle and with the TL’s they have a specialty starter.

The butt edge of the TL’s should be flush to the Smart Vent just like starting out on an Eave Edge either with or without the Smart Vent being installed.

Jack added an Ask Your Question on the Smart Vent website, so you will get a response, but you also must defer to the TL installation instructions.