Small roof extension and flashing stucco

Artifacts from a renovation…

Back door and patio door intersect the edge of a roof line awkwardly. I’d like to extend the roof horizontally on either side of the house to cover these doors. This is primarily for aesthetic reasons, as there is roof above these areas on the second story.

House is close to 100 years old and has open soffits. I’m not sure if I can frame the ~32" extension, screw it to the existing joist and maybe add 2 joist hangers onto the stucco, then flash the stucco somehow (zip?), or if I need a ledger board or some other means of affixing to the house and flashing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like it’s a 2 story. If the floor joist are in that area, you will see if they are open behind the stucco or if they put a rim joist. You’ll need to cut some stucco. If it’s close enough, put a cantilever joist. Whatever sticks out, double it back to the inside. Use a screw gun or the trusty palm nailer, to sister it to an existing. That’s the proper way.

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Thanks for the reply @rooferama. What would I do if I open it up and find there is a rim joist? Is there a less invasive alternative?
If you can figure a way to attach a cleat to something solid, put a rod and Turnbuckle
on the end and that will hold it. This has been a very popular look for years.