Slope below 1/12 and Rolled Roofing

State Farm doesnt want to pay for mod-bit on a slope which is .90/12 and slightly over 1/12. They only want to pay for some overlapping mineral surface rolled roofing. Is there anyway to justify it by code where 2018 IRC/IBC is the law of the land? Thank you guys!

Did you review the code book?

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Yes, I have the lower slope figured out as code says you cannot install roll roofing below 1/12. First they had written for asphalt shingles on these roof areas and so I had used code to justify mod-bit but they came back with a strange xactimate line “Roll roofing - per independent material source” for slope that was greater than 1/12 and “Roll roofing - 50% overlap - per ind. material source” for the below 1/12. Neither line is allowing much $$ and I dont quite understand the details on those two line items.

Try talking to the local building inspector or code enforcement. Their job is to save as much as possible. The bottom line, before what is right.

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You may not know this, but mineral base, roll roofing is utility grade. It carries no warranty. You can also tell the homeowner the fire rating is “C”. The adjuster may agree after understanding the liability.

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If this is actually modified bitumen roofing per industry standards and not simply “roll roofing”, the 2018 IRC specifies a minimum 0.25 in 12 slope, not 1 in 12. See:

(That’s from the North Dakota code, but the language is from the model code and hasn’t been amended.)


I appreciate your feedback everyone!

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