Slate tile roof replacement advise


Have a residential roof slate tile roof which was in good condition until windstorm hit and a large tree fell into the roof. It is assumed it was an old Johns- Mansville product and is no longer made or are replacements available. This was a high quality product even down to the copper nails used. This roof had a 107 years before this storm.

I am looking for a 100 year product for the replacement of this roof so that i can negotiate with the insurance company for payment of this roof. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


did you get an itel on the material? had this happen to a tile roof in Florida. ran an itel and got the whole roof bought bc of that. If you want to stick to a repair job, there are usually some junk yards that carry discontinued products. For that same job I mentioned, there was availability but they didn’t have enough for the repair so we replaced the entire roof.


They want to replace it with a fiber cement composite 25 year.


No comparison to real slate…not even close. Slate can be purchased.



Tell them to go kick rocks.


The only product with a chance of a 100 yr lifespan on the market is a real slate (not imitation of any kind) or clay tile.


I am just trying to find a product for apples to apples comparison, but the insurance keeps saying they will only pay for composite.


Tell the insurance company to tell you what brand they want because you can’t replicate those. If those are asbestos then you won’t find another substitution that will last as long… Real slate, depending upon where it comes from, will go that long, but the synthetics made today…good luck.


The roofer said they are the old ones and he thinks they have limited asbestos. The current roof is 107 and they want to replace with a 25 year roof.


The insurance company can’t dictate product to you…only appraisal of liable to them. Get full quote from appraiser and then get a quote to fix the damage. Due to age and it being a roof…I’m afraid unless the structure is listed with the historical society in your area…the insurance may not be enough on its own to “restore” your roof. I believe in the case of something so old you would need special restoration coverage.


Where is it? I can write a quote and look at the cost to restore it for you.


If your “slate” roof is, in fact, the old Johns-Manville product, then you do not have a real slate roof. You do, in fact, have an old-style and most likely asbestos tile. Johns-Manville has never quarried a single piece of REAL slate to my knowledge.

My advice is to get a price on a product like Davinci (one of their top of the line price point products). You could also get a price on Verea clay flat tile or one of the Ludowici flat clay tile products.


Thanks for your feedback. I think you nailed it on the head. Just for grins i sent it to ITEL for matching just to see what they say


If it contains asbestos I doubt an insurance company can tell you to repair it.

I would bid it as divinci or natural slate and see what they say, you may be surprised. We had a job about 5 years ago where a tree hit a house House and damaged a portion of the roof. The synthetic slate manafacturer was no longer in business. I know it went back and forth but the insurance company had so many issues with synthetic not being avalible and repairable they ended up footing the bill to install natural slate.


I have that same issue right now. They only want to pay for a 25 year roof.