Skylight meeting chimney

Owner wants to keep look from underneath of no flashing in area maybe a small .75 trackalong edge I dont know would like some insight I’m making a half cricket out of copper for back pan all double lock

You need to go find another customer to work for. That is so dumb.

Walk away.


Yikes!! We do a LOT of custom homes with unorthodox detail but that one is a no-go. The customer will probably say, “The last roofer made it work” to try and shame you but I would walk that away from that one.

As would I… Just because the last idiot put shingles on a 2:12, doesn’t mean I will lol.

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Water cut off mastic will water proof almost anything if you can keep it from oozing and seeping out of place.

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WCO is awsome, problem with it is it’s ultraviolet sensitive. Exposed lifetime is 6 - 8 months. covered 25 years + that I’ve seen personally… Quite a bastard set-up there!

Yeah it’s the last of Frank lloyd Wright home he sont want to make changes but the things have leaked for years last owner had problems and he does too. The whole roof is wrong terrible flashing with everything 1 inch side lap where you can see nail heads in key ways that’s holding slate below its 12000 square foot home all 5/12 pitch Vermont slate I have probably 200 -300 slates to fix that are broke and laid out wrong lot of work to do will update I got few things in mind

What would you price a chimney like tht doing flat lock on top and lower ledges and reflashing it ?

I would walk away from it. You can’t charge enough to inherit the leak. The minute you touch it all past issues disappear and you are the guilty party if it goes sideways.

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Just design the interior with a big fish tank down below to catch the water.


Self watering hanging planter!

Walking away is not an option I will take care of it I have Mason’s removing stone going to put thruwall in and make a track with butyl tape inside track and with flange that goes onto glass 1.5 too much money to walk away not in my character this type of work is my passion I dont work a day in my life doing what I love SLATER 4LIFE…glass will sit inside of track kind of like a larger f channel out of copper soldered together

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Pride comes before the fall but I do wish you good luck and I hope your solution works. The longer I stay in this business the more liability conscious I become.


Last one that touches it wears it

Dont assume all that masonry above, beside the skylight is going to be water-tight for the length of your warranty.

You want the warranty for that brick to be part of your price.
Pretend you have to come back and water proof the brick walls two more extra times.
How much do you want to get paid for that?

You want to work on that right away.
I would search for any holes in the masonry and fill it and then i would coat the entire thing
With Hydro-Stop clear.
Several coats and drying between coats.
You could coat that area 2 times with one gallon. Maybe 3.
Cover the glass before coating the masonry.

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