Skylight install botched?


I had a 22x22 skylight replaced about 1 month ago by a roofer. Just recently, I noticed that my bathroom (where the skylight is) is considerably colder then the rest of the house. I didn’t think too much of it until I was taking a wiz one day and actually felt a breeze on my neck.

I put a ladder up the skylight shaft and felt a considerable draft by the unit. Then I noticed light coming underneath the flashing, both on the sill and side of the skylight. Not only wasn’t the skylight not sealed properly, it wasn’t sealed at all.

I immediately called the roofer and told him of the problem. He defended the work (which he didn’t do himself) and said it wasn’t unusual to see light , and that Ishould seal the void from the inside. Needless to say, we had a big arguement and we are going to follow up next week.

Isn’t it standard to wrap/weatherproof the skylight before you flash it? What is typically involved in the install?? Is he looking to save money on materials to put more $$ in his pocket??

I also forgot to mention that he bought the wrong sized shingles for the project. I have metric shingles and he had his worker install standard. Should he have noticed that the existing shingles on my roof were all metric? Ironically, his worker said the boss didn’t buy the metric shingles b/c they were more money. We are only talking about $4/bundle more, and 2 bundles were used? :evil:


sounds fishy…try to get some inside and outside pics and post them for us to evaluate.


What kind of skylight is this? Does it sit on a curb or is it one of the curb less models?..DaveB


Here are some pictures… Not sure if they uploaded.


It is a deck mounted Velux skylight…fixed.


Do you have outside pics? more inside too?


We useually use peel&stick or #30 felt paper to wrap frame before flashings


There is no way at all you. Would see light around any skylight velux flashing kits are panned around in the front and back doubled locked and the qfs self flash velux your supposed to use mastic before you set it. Besides all of them are supposed to have iceguard or mineral paper around them. So if you see light around the edges, its definitly wrong even if you make your own flashings its wrong. The sill and head flashes can only stick out on curb mounted velux by about an 1" at best because the lid won’t sit on the curb right I lock them with tongs at the corners too or like I said the lid won’t set


I am unable to post pictures to this site. You can see daylight under the flashing very clearly. You know it is bad if it you can see it in a picture.

I just noticed another flaw in his work. He did originally remove the shingles down to the sheathing. But then he built up 2 layers of shingles and nailed the skylight through the shingles, not to the sheathing. I could see all of this b/c the inside is not trimmed yet.


That is wrong,it has to be to deck


Kage sounds like he padded the deck for some reason maybe the wrong sheathing was used to fill in around the light provided it was a retrofit not sure sounds butchered


[quote=“msaucem”] I could see all of this b/c the inside is not trimmed yet.

Can you trim it and fix the air leak? Maybe shooting foam or caulking from inside then trim it? If it has not leaked water yet  then maybe fixing the air leak will make it satisfactory? ....dave


no matter what you should not see DAYLITE thats crap!


sounds like theres 2 roofs, if he built up with a couple layers before putin on skylight.
and its not hard to mistake metrics for standards.



Yeah sounds funny but if the lite is put on right there is no way it’ll leak air its impossible especially velux we use sunteks too but their just cheap alternatives velux replacements aren’t to nice either their just curb mounted and the head flash is crap


I certainly can caulk/insulate it from the inside before I trim it. That will help with the air leak. But that won’t prevent water from getting in. It should have been sealed from the outside. Purely fixing the draft won’t make it satisfactory. I actually over paid this guy, and I expect it to be done correctly…by the roofer, not me.


[quote]sounds like theres 2 roofs, if he built up with a couple layers before putin on skylight.
and its not hard to mistake metrics for standards.

The roof has 2 layers of shingles. Apparently Velux designs the brackets to adjust from multi-layered roofs.


Honestly any roofer that does a drive over existing shingles isn’t a roofer on my opinion. Only thing I put 2 layers on are bay windows that usually don’t last longer than 2 roofs