Skylight Identification

Can anyone tell me what kind and brand these skylights are? Insurance has paid to R&R Skylight flashing kit - dome. I guess the adjuster missed the crack in one of the domes. Should they pay to replace the entire skylight?

Looks like a Wasco. Look for a tag on the frame.

I’m guessing it will be visible on the outside? Do you replace skylights when you reroof?

Should be on the upper clamping frame. Sometimes there were stickers that weathered off. Depends on the condition of the skylight whether to replace or not.

why dont you buy velux same size and rebuild roof frame to match

Yes the entire skylight.
This came in the box looking just like this.
There are no parts.
It all came as one.
You ask for a 2x2 curb mount bubble skylight.
They cost about 125 around here.
We always replace these with the roof.
If it is a glass sklylight, it might get saved, maybe, depends on the situation.

I don’t have a problem building and flashing a curb. I just don’t want to get into any of the interior stuff. If the new one was a little bigger I could build the curb out to match it.

The insurance gave nearly as much to flash it as it would be to buy new at 125. I will check with the supply house in the morning and see what they have. Thanks!

Wasco is now owned by velux. They have a line with the old Wasco sizes, I think. This unit looks acrylic and bronzed (tinted) is this correct?

It does have a bronze tint to the dome.

Looks like a self flashed skylight. If top dome is not cracked or a cause for leaking, why not just keep same skylight?

There is two of them and one does have a crack. I should have mentioned that to begin with.

If it was me, I would just replace them then. If the insurance didn’t pay enough to do so, I would go back to them with price to replace since there is no way to reflash them.

i replace units like this once in a while,they always come in velux size.maybe slightly different curb by 0.5-1"