Skylight dripping water (condensation in winter)

Hi, my skylight is in the master bedroom and when the outdoor temperature reaches right around freezing, so much condensation builds up that it literally ‘rains’ on my bed and is causing mold around the frame. It is not leaking around the window seal/frame. I would like to eliminate it, but the costs would be high. Any ideas about how to cover it from the outside and possibly insulate in between? I already tried the 3-M window insulating plastic kit and it did not work on this. I would not be doing this myself, so would I need to call a roofing company, window company, or general construction co? Thanks for any advice.

does the skylight have a blind? how old is the sky light? where are you located?

call the guy you had caulk the skylight when it last leaked because he caulked over the weep holes on the outstide.

roofboss may be right,where are you located?

Hey guys this is a problem I have delt with before, If you look in the velux application instructions you will see that they require that the skylight be wrapped in felt or ice and water shield before you flash them because of condensation problems. I had to go back on a few skylights we installed in a condo complex that were leaking in the livingrooms and kitchens in the winter months when the temps got down low enough for the cold metal to condensate with the warm temps inside. I went back, wrapped the skylight tight with ice and watershield (even cauked the front and back corners) and haven’t had a problem in 3 years. Since Velux is based in Texas they didn’t have any condensation issues, but after the problem came up with the skylights in colder areas, they changed thier specs to account for areas with condensation occourences. Now I wrap all skylights at least 3’ around perimeter and never get a callback.

So to solve your problem you will have to remove the flashing and shingles 3’ around the perimeter down to the deck, Install Ice and water shield around entire skylight, even about 2-3" up the side of the skylight, properly flash skylight(if it is not a velux kit, make sure the roofer solders all the seams),and reinstall shingles.

I do that on all my wood frame skylights,but I`ve also heard of this problem occuring despite those protections in canada where it gets -30 to -50 degrees at night,hence the question,where is this person located??

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