Siding Damaged by Roofing Company

I just recently had my roof completed and when I looked at the final product, I couldn’t help but to notice that the cedar shake siding that runs along the garage was greatly damaged. I have pictures from an inspection in May (as well as one from two weeks prior to the install) that show the difference. During inspection, it was pointed out that there was some rot in the siding, but it certainly did not look like this. The roofing company said that when they were working in this area, nearly every piece of siding was rotted and fell right apart. They claim that they verbally told me about this, however I do not recall that conversation and certainly do not remember hearing that the siding would be damaged to this extent. I cannot honestly say whether or not it was discussed, but I know that nothing of the sort is mentioned in my contract. They are now trying to get me quotes to replace the siding, but I can’t help but wonder if they should be responsible for this or not.

One other thing to note is that they were behind schedule and the work on this part of the roof was done around 7pm-8pm when it was dark, so I feel like they were rushing to get through it.

Since I’m a new user, I can only post the after photo, but I do have plenty from before and it does not look remotely close to this.

I appreciate your help.

That siding is rotten from being too close to the roof
If the rest of it is in acceptable shape,you can have 7"cut out along the roof and a 1x6 installed. This looks nice and allows for replacement of the flashings in the future,while leaving a gap.


Patchap is dead on but the estimator should have addressed it with you prior. Any smaller wall areas like this we usually insist on replacing sidewall shingles just so we can warranty our work. The least your roofer could have done was cut it up away from the roofing. He was probably afraid of nicking the old step flashing, which was most likely reused. I doubt they got any kind of new flashing behind that.


Before photo…

It’s definitely too close to the roof and edges look a little punky. Still the roofer erred by not discussing the right details to start.