Should you lower your bid?

im interested in your honest selling practices,wich one do find yourself doing more often?

i tried to add a fourth option but i guess i messed up, it goes like this:

i always charge more so i can come down on my price…

None of those really tell the whole story for me. So here goes:

I will lower product quality TO A CERTAIN EXTENT to help them meet budget. I, however, WILL NOT lower quality to such an extent that they have a house covered in crap with my name on it. So I guess I’m between “My prices are not negotiable” and “I will lower product quality to come in on budget”. My prices are more negotiable than my reputation, but neither is much.

For the record, I am a remodeling company, not solely a roofer, so I’m talking everything from a small repair to complete additions. When I say my prices are negotiable, what I mean is this: Client asks for, and recieves a bid. Let’s say it’s for $10,693 (for arguments sake), and they come back and say “We only have a 10,000 loan for this job”. Will I give them $693 to keep $10,000 worth of work? Of course. Will I ask a few things of them to help offset this cost? You bet. They can (if they’re allowed) do the legwork on the permitting, go order materials (from MY list, and order EXACTLY what I want, no changes), etc. Will they do this willingly for $693? Shrug I’ll let you know when it happens.

My price is my price. If you want I “could” lower my price and it will warrent a lower quality job But im not interested in lowering my quality or cutting corners as well as im sure you are not either. I follow with well what is the difference we are talking about? 500.00 ok, So lets make that 500 and break it down, 41.66 a month, 9.62 cents a week, 1.37 per day for 1 year, now i could go on but let me ask you is your home worth a cup of coffee, pop, or water a day for 1 year? AT that point its either im cheap or well since you put it that way. Sell or be sold. I am not by any means high pressure but i do ask 3 times and make sure they understand how many other mess up the job, use a few closes i gave to QRFL and sing a song do a jig and have fun overall. Hopefully this hels you poll. Great day all!

i also found personally that when you lower your price,and you have to do a change order the customer wants a discount on that too and when its time to pay too,at the end you strecht yourself so much you got no room to breathe,
i think like pride you give your bid whats fair and what it cost to do the job and stick to it, you have to close the deal with something like the cofee a day thing he mentioned,if not its better not to gamble with your profit,and let the job go.

Personally people dont think like that. THey look at a number nothing more. Sadly that rip off thing you found tells it all.

While I do come down some if necessary, like I said, I do believe you can make a client look at more than just numbers. Notice I said MAKE them. At first all that 95% of people are going to see is “how much?”, but if you are(or have) a good salesperson, you(he/she) can talk your company’s procedure, workmanship, integrity, warranty, etc up to the client and make the sale on more than just the bottom line. If I had to be the lowest bid to get the job, I’d be out of business.

i agree i will not drop my price ever. I might add something but will never lower the price. If they want a lower price they are wanting an uninsured, unlicenced, non-bill payin company. I run a very honest straight forward business and make sure all the bills are paid when the job is done. I spend more money in stamps than anything. But i have great credit. Oh i have said that so many times. Either you sell or you pass out paper. Read more of my posts. You will see where i come from. I think in all if the cerdiable companys stuck together rather than playing chase the low bid i think this would even be an issue due the work it self out clause in life. People think cheap sale can i get a deal. I walked from a 15k roof because the guy wanted to pay cash 14,500.00, now there was good proffit but it is illegal and i wont risk it. I would rather watch the grass grow than bid 150 a square. I pre qualify and then qualify customers on the phone before i get my keys unlike so many others. I get a bit of info and run with it. There are a few on this BB that believe they can do it cheaper well they cant add is my reply or they dont have insurance. My low price and it for a builder i do remods for is 170 with 30 year dims. normal customer is 185 lowest. You want cheap find the paper, you think im expensive call hansons thats funny 450 a square walkable. Now they take advandge.

interesting sales practices seems we have a draw so far

Im guessing no one want to say or they just dont know i would like to see what aaron has to say.

Im working out on my bowflex, so I do not have time to post anything right now. :shock:

I don’t like to drop my price…If I don’t charge what I feel I am worth, why would someone else think I am worth that if I just discount it to others.

Quality roofing = quality pricing

to be honest, im makin more money scrapin metal
than roofin.

im planning on goin to montrose to see my mom
asap, and was wanting to find a couple a days
work to help pay for gas.
i go out to montrose on hwy 50(canyon city,arkansas river,SWEET!) and come back through denver on 70.

so pm me if you can help.


I always give at least three to four diferent pricing options and open to negotiating and answering the concerns and questions of my clients but in now way will I lower the price when things are slow-I will go back in with a different option using different material or installation techniques but I do not believe in the lowering of price to get the job when times are slow. I definitely do not believe in this as a bargaining technique.

I have lost jobs to guys who don’t use new drip edge or ridge vent or even new paper,lol so I guess they got what they wanted a cheap job…lol…If you lower your price, you are asked for a lower price, you did not build the value of a quality job…I am getting 300.00-450.00 depending on pitch and level of difficulty…Other are at 200-300, and I can build the value just by explaining how I lay out tarps on the ground so they don’t have to pick up nails and small scraps for the next 10 yrs…sometimes I pick up nails from when the house was built with my magnet,lol It is not hard to up sell if you believe that you are better than the competition…Then make them believe it…