Should my PVC roof look like this after 18 months?


Gents reaching out to the pro’s here. Cleaning the roof and I’m a little concerned that the PVC is looking so mottled and not even close to white anymore after scrubbing it with a medium/soft bristle brush and dawn detergent.

Should the PVC look like this? (This is after cleaning it)



Yep. The off gassing by the PVC grabs dirt, etc and makes it part of the membrane. I will say that for the short time you have had it that does seem extreme but I can see the dirt at the side of the picture which makes me believe that your roof has seen quite a bit of dirt or environmental contamination.


Don thanks for the reply. The courtyard I live on was repaved so a lot of dust was created.

That mottled effect though is not hurt, thats after I cleaned it…it’s below the surface which has me worried it’s not uniform.


Try some PVC membrane cleaner on a small area. That may take care of it. You may have to use a scrubbing pad. It that doesn’t take care of it, welcome to the new color.


Hey Don,

The color is a PITA only for reflectivity…was more worried that the PVC was developing a structural problem coming apart etc.

Cheers for the help!