Should i tell my insurance company?

I recently had my roof replaced by our insurance company from hail damage. The adjuster has a few things on the estimate that the roofer got paid for but didn’t do. My gut tells me to inform my insurance company of these items. What should we do?


Hi DC,
To be clear, your insurance company paid a claim to replace the roof on your home. You hired a roofer or contractor to do the work, correct? What were the items that were missed?

Did you talk to the roofer about it?


I wouldn’t say they were missed, these are a few items on the estimate that the adjuster sent into our insurance company.

  1. Dumpster fee. $448
  2. Replace gutter. $201

There’s a few other items the roofer got paid for and didn’t do.

They are dodging me now since they’ve gotten paid in full. There was a minor leak due to flashing installed improperly and they haven’t fixed the drywall yet, they ripped one of my window screens during the tear off, not replaced yet. They gouged my siding in areas. I wasn’t gonna pursue, but I might now since they’ve shown their true colors.

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Here is the example right here.
People who have their roof done by insurance have a high probability of Not appreciating their roofer as much because they didnt earn all the money to pay for it.
And they think you are ripping off their insurance company.
They think you are earning more than you deserve.

Also any additional wood bill or any extra bill of any kind whether the homeowner pays out of their own pocket or not…
They will go after any perceived mistake.
Or they want to…


Roof leak is important and should be pursued vigorously.

Dumpster- They had to dispose of debris regardless of the method they chose right?

Gutter-Did they spend time repairing it, thus negating the need to replace?

Window screen- Come on now. That’s chickenshit costs especially since you had a roof replacement at minimal cost to yourself.

Siding-You chose to ignore it initially. Why change your stance based on someone else’s actions? Either it’s important out of the gate or it’s not. Don’t double back on things.

I agree with Roof Lover and have run into it LOTS of times. When customers aren’t paying the whole bill they don’t act the same.

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Help me understand. Didn’t you pay the contractor? If so, why are you having second thoughts now? As far as the dumpster goes, many roofing contractors use their own dump trailer to hold the debris and dispose of it.

As far as the other stuff, we bill for what we do. We send the invoice to the IC as a convenience to the HO. We expect to get paid for what we do, nothing less, nothing more. Did this Contractor pay your deductible? If they didn’t, that means you had to pay it to the contractor yourself. Again, if you had second thoughts about work not performed, why would you have paid them?

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If they’re billing you for work they didn’t do I would make them do it or refund the RCV value and hire someone else to do it. Because they did the roof doesn’t mean they get to keep the money they didn’t earn. That is your money!
As was stated, the dumpster fee was justified as well as the possibility they worked on your gutter.
As far as the torn window screen being a “Chicken sh#t”
complaint because the price to repair the screen is minimal, is in my opinion, “Chicken sh*t”. If my company damages ANYTHING I fix or replace it. I’ve fixed/replaced things I never damaged to keep my customers happy. Getting a bad review over a $15 screen replacement is ludicrous!

Analogy: If I go to the French Room in Dallas TX and order the 13-course Grand tasting menu with selected wines per course and I don’t get the 4th course of,
Foie Gras, on French toast, with Carmel & Peach
Wine: Lillet, Podensac, France
but am charged for it, I expect a partial refund or a “Free drink”. They charged me for something they didn’t provide.

As far as, “Not being appreciated”, because the customer didn’t pay out of pocket for the whole roof, …put your big boy pants on. You usually earn your appreciation.


Piano man,
Good post. Our company will always pay for a screen, dented gutter we weren’t responsible for, etc. It just seemed to me like the owner was coming up with some petty items after the fact that weren’t important to him initially.

I agree Tileman. I don’t know if he noticed the damage to the screen and or siding before he paid for the job or after.
I also don’t know when he realized that some of the other work wasn’t done. I know the insurance papers can get confusing to some customers. I also know that when the customer starts getting impatient, they might start taking a closer look at the insurance papers and realize some impropriety was involved.
He did state that he, “Wasn’t going to pursue…”, but, if they haven’t been out to repair the leak and he found other items that were in the insurance quote that weren’t done, and yet charged for, AND, “They are dodging me now that they’ve been paid” does not speak well for the contractor. It sounds to me like he was going to be nice until they didn’t follow through with the repairs. It seems to me if the contractor is going to ignore him I’d probably do the same thing and make them fix the siding and screen and any other thing I can find.
It certainly doesn’t bode well for the rest of us who wouldn’t
think of taking ANY money for work we didn’t perform.
Thanks for all your great posts! I enjoy your wisdom.

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Okay everyone, I appreciate the feed back. I’ve been in construction for 15 years. I run the warranty in 4 states for a national builder that’s in over 15 states. Let me explain where I’m coming from. I called this company to get a quote to replace my roof. I was going to be paying out of pocket for this replacement. During their visit they found a lot of hail and wind damage. They mentioned you might want to contact your insurance company on this. I did that. The adjuster saw enough to get it replaced. I decided to pursue with this company since they seemed to be on top of things. It all went to hell once they recieved the $5700 check for materials. After reaching out to them several times to schedule my replacement, it was crickets from them. I left the office manager a nice voicemail that got his full attention. A few weeks later my roof was done. Please remember, I hear people bitch and whine daily about petty shit. The project manager met with me so we could do a visual inspection. While doing our walk, he’s the one who noticed the torn screen and said he’d get it replaced. We both found multiple pieces of siding that were damaged. These 2 things were not a huge problem to me. I was going to do the repairs myself. The project manager said that it was their job to fix these items. I told him my major concern were the roofing nails that were everywhere. I personally rolled my driveway/yard several times right after the tear off with a roller magnet to help them get the job done a little quicker and some peice of mind for myself. I’m still today picking up roofing nails. 3 weeks went by, and no contact from them on doing any of the promised repairs. It was the following week is when I noticed the leak in the powder room on the ceiling. I reached back out to them on the leak which was now my main concern. I got an email from them a few days later asking when they could send out the project Manager. I replied to the email with one of the dates and times they put on their email for an appointment. I also asked about the other repairs since this was the first contact since right after the completion. I don’t get a response back on at all. The day of the appointment. He’s a no show. I call him up and get a BS reason. 5 days later, he meets me. We find a piece of flashing that appeared to be cut to short. He said he’d get that replaced in a few days. I asked him about the other promised repairs and he calls the office. They state there will be no action taken since it wasn’t documented on paper and that I’d signed the completion form. He tells me that he will get this still done for me. A few days later, he shows unannounced with a crew for the flashing repair. I watch them on my camera live, and notice they only replace the flashing and add no sealant or do anything else. I come home to check it myself and I call the project Manager to inform him of that and the nails they kindly left in my driveway. I haven’t heard from them since.

So now you have the whole damn story, you can probably see where I’m at and coming from now. I deal with trades everyday, and I treat everyone of them as fair as I can. I’m far from over with this company. I’m now going to pursue that they fix everything damaged by them.

The whole reasoning of me asking my question about, should I let my insurance company know, is, since this company wants to show how to give themselves a bad name and put that soon to be spotlight on them. Should I make sure my insurance company knows of certain items they recieved payment for and the work wasn’t done my them?

Sounds like you were very patient to me. Just speaking from personal experience, the insurance company could careless. I would send the certified letter, asking one more time for a repair, letting them know your intentions are to pursue legally and they will not be able to deal with you. Give 30 days. Then I would pay an attorney $300 bucks to send the threatening letter.
When my company sends the attorney letter with the cost of the attorney’s consultation included in the repairs, they always call and try to settle.
Once again, that’s how I would handle it. There will be some weirdness during the repairs, but you need to be made whole.

I’m never afraid to admit being wrong and it seems that I may have been in judging this one. I have a very long history in the business so can be sensitive to homeowners trying to ‘get over’. It happens a lot but you seem to be a reasonable and experienced consumer and your points are valid.

I don’t see informing the insurance company will accomplish much. In most cases, they don’t care. You also apparently signed a completion form (or gave a verbal). The best thing you can do is to file a complaint with the BBB, Angie’s List, a Google Review/Report and the States Attorney General. Or let the contractor know if they do not come out within a couple of days and make things right, that is what you will be doing. I would require them to fix all the issues you brought up plus repair the interior damage caused by their poor workmanship. I suspect with the threat of those actions looming, they would take prompt actions. If not, follow through.