Should I add exhaust ventilation or not?

I have a small addition room, 9’x18’, currently it has continuous soffit vent, but no exhaust vent.

It is facing the east, is fairly well shaded, with little afternoon sun.

It is completely open to a larger area inside.

We get little to no snow/ice here.

The pitch is 4/12.

Should I add exhaust ventilation during a reroof?

The picture link shows the room.

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Well if it has soffit vent and no exaust. The soffit vent is not working. may not be needed. If you have heat build up inside then I would add a exaust vent so the soffit venting will work. It looks by the Pic. That you only have a foot to two feet to add a roof to wall vent with flashing. That may be all you need. The area looks to be 3 to 4 sqr. If it was me and my house I would wonder hows the heat build up inside that area. But if I’m reroofing I would add a Roof to wall vent if i could just to help out a little. I do not think I would go with a turbin or square vent. maybe some hip vent.

If I read correctly you said it goes directly into the house which means there is no attic space right? If theres no attic space, you shouldnt need a vent.


It is not a cathedral type ceiling, it has the attic space, but deadends into the house wall so there is no access to that space.

It was originally an open porch, we just added walls and a standard 9’ ceiling like the other room inside to expand that area. It is insulated.

It is not in the more hot(or cold) area being on the east side with shade in summer.

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Hi RoofWizards, thanks for the response.

I don’t know if I really have a problem as there is no evidence, or access to check for any.

It may not even be a problem.


metal roof vent…

little wooden square louvers on the gables