Should/can anything be done to fix this situation?

The picture is very small on my phone and won’t enlarge for some reason. What is your issue? The gutters clogging?

Very strange flashing technique against the wall.
The flashing is normally under the shingles.

Might still be water-tight.
I cant say whats underneath and behind.

I assume the OP is referring to the crooked valley. Hard to see much of it with that photo. From what little I see, that’s pretty sloppy. Not sure how much it could be improved without some major work.

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I think the rounded area has created a dogleg in the valley. I’m guessing there is flashing behind the wall and the copper is secondary flashing with something else behind the stucco, hopefully.


More photos of what’s going on. This was a $40k + job and they are saying there’s nothing wrong with it

can you take good quality pic ples.cant see shit .if its soldered then youre golden,otherwise i dont see how they tied in valleys nor whats there in chimney area.

Better photos show i was wrong about the flashing against the wall.
It is normal and
Appears acceptable.

I dont see anything incorrect.

Your idea of golden is different than mine. Soldered or not, those valley’s aren’t cut straight and look horrible.


Agreed, even if doesn’t leak, or develops leaks later, it looks like hammered dog doo. Sad to see good material like copper get butchered.


you cant see this valley from the ground and waterproofing is priority over looks for me.unless its something that you can see evertime you step outside of house.
so no.your point is invalid in this case.

There is no way any legitimate, prideful business owner or roofer could accept this quality with a straight face. Charge $40k but leave work behind that looks like hammered dog crap. Almost unbelievable…


I’d wager it’s a salesman with sub crews, this was probably the best crew at the salemans disposal.

i meant, if there is no way you can get both looks +quality ,i prefer quality
also,pic is low quality to judge valley metal if its beat up or patina

It was obviously done by those with limited experience and little pride in workmanship.

It’s a shame such nice material is treated this way.

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Hardly but you’re welcome to your opinion

Who was that in response to?

We have had this roof on for one month and this happened the first time it rained. Has never happened before. What would cause water in this area? I hope my photos are clear enough!!

Either valley, or dormer flashings. You paid 40K and they’re blowing you off already? Legal advice and an independent opinion is in order.

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This is the valley above. Should that copper not continue to the end?