Shingling dormer / main roof joint

Hello everyone,
I am a homeowner making a playhouse for my daughter. The plans did not specify any directions for the shingles aside from follow manufacturers instructions.
I have a dormer that meets my main roof about 2 feet below the main ridge.
I am using 3 tab shingles and was wondering exactly how to make the transition from the dormer ridge into the flat field of the main roof. I appreciate any help I can get. The directions on the package did not cover this aspect and was unable to find instructions online either.

This link may help you … 090050.pdf

Great link John. :smiley:
I think she was talking about how to transition the dormer cap into the main roof though.

I don’t really know how to describe it…
When you come to the point where the cap starts to go into the main roof you need to make a relief cut at the top of the cap shingle so that it will bend/form to the main roof at the top of the dormer valleys.
You will probably have to do this to 2-3 cap shingles.
Use some tar to seal the cut you made.

Is this what you are talking about?