Shingles without support on ridge

I recently had a new roof put on and it looks like the roofer cut too much of the plywood for the ridge vent to go. They then filled in the hole with shingles and no support on the bottom. Is this work done correctly and could it cause leaks? This continues for most of the roof line. The contractor stated that it will not cause a problem and is ok.


That is normal. The shingles you are seeing are “cap shingles”.


So there doesn’t need to be any plywood, or support underneath the cap shingles?

No. (Stupid character minimum)……

Looking up through the hole you should be seeing the underside of the ridge vent. The cap shingles go on top of the ridge vent. Unless i’m misunderstanding, it seems like they capped over a hole that had been cut for ridge vent but there’s no ridge vent. I’ve seen that a lot and never saw any leaks because of it. The caps may very well sink in on top but they never seem to leak.

How can caps sink in on top and not leak? They flatten and water runs backwards on the short lap. Very common leak.

Yeah, they screwed it up and cut off too much off. Our concern is that it’s lacking support underneath.

They cut out all the way across the roof and only put limited venting in.