Shingles starting to crumble in a few isolated spots


Currently have a few isolated spots where gutters were dripping and the shingles in those patches are starting to crumble. The roof is 20 years old no leaks, should I hold off replacing or just do it now. 95% is good 5% is bad. What are your thoughts?


Its time for a replacement.


So this is what the spot looks like from afar.


20 years is a good life for those old organics, look like iko skylines. If one spot looks like that it won’t be long before the rest does to.


Best investment is to replace it now before it starts leaking. If you wait until it leaks you could be looking at decking as well as interior repairs.


Time for a roof. You got the goodies…



Thanks for the reply


Thanks for the reply


video of Roof


They look like Jet 80s to me.
And i thought they stopped making them before 20’years ago.


As you can See the one problem spot is due to a leaking gutter. The shingles look like IKO skyline. Most of the damage is on the 1st level overhang. Looking at the 2nd floor roof it looks in pretty good shape probably at least 5 years left on those.