Shingles on 2/12 roof?


I’m having a 2/12 section of my roof redone due to ice dam leaks (located in New England). It’s a dormered roof without adequate insulation or venting and no easy way to remedy that. The existing shingles I don’t think were installed with proper snow/ice shield and also the nails are rusting out. Everything I’ve seen and heard says that this should be replaced with a flat-roof system like EPDM or Liberty-type roofing. However, one of the contractors I’m talking to insists that shingles are superior due to longer warranty and damage resistance (tree branches falling, etc). He says he would lay snow and ice shield over entire section, increase the shingle overlap, and use stainless steel nails and I’d end up with a better roof than if I went rubber. Any advice appreciated.


sounds like he is trying to sell you the only product that he sells so he doesnt get elimanated from the job


I have once shingled a roof that was between a 2 and a 3. I did use water and ice on the whole thing. I was hesitant to do it but homeowner didn’t not want the look of rubber or asphalt, as its in a highly visible area. That was a year and a half ago, so its hardly stood the test of time. I am also in VA so climate is much milder. I will tell you this:

A roofer I know in CT did water and ice and 30 year architects on a 4/12 many years ago. It had 4 skylights on it, and he was also hesitant to do it. He did the job in august and it leaked in January, at 2 of the skylights. He went back and put rubber on it and hasn’t heard back in 10+ years.


Go with METAL…for the love of…


It is really to low. you should do it as an EPDM “rubber” roof.


There are many ways to roof a 2/12 pitch roof.

Shingles are not one of them.


Short answer: NO.

Shingles will not hold out water on a 2:12 slope.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your contractor needs to use a flat roofing material, as you have suggested. Liberty materials (and others) can provide the right membrane in a matching color.

Yes, a metal panel can be used also, if you want a nice contrasting look to the dormer.


However, one of the contractors I’m talking to insists that shingles are superior due to longer warranty and damage resistance (tree branches falling, etc).

Sounds like he doesn’t know how to do EPDM…

You can put shingles on a 2/12, but I would not. They are not designed for that application and even the manufacturers will tell you that. EPDM fully adhered is very nice imo. If you are concerned about durability, such as excessive foot traffic or overhanging trees you can also use a torch applied modified system, which imo does not look as nice as EPDM but it’s much more durable. Like others have said, metal is also an option but I have never liked the look of metal on residential homes (other than copper).


The manufacture of the shingles says NO. If you install them they will not warranty it. I like to use CertainTeed Flintastic in a 3 ply system or epdm rubber. If you can see the roof then i recommend flintastic because it will match the shingles. Also keep in mind the flintastic base sheet, mid ply sheet, and cap sheet are self adhering so there is no need for fasteners. Therefore if installed properly the roof will not leak until fails and wears out. If you can’t see the roof i recommend epdm. Keep in mind due to the low slope shingles will prematurely wear out. They were not meant to be installed on anything less than a 3/12 pitch.


I live in maine, and do roofing up here.I would strongly recommend epdm,if installed correctly you will have no problems.


ditto jessiejo.
ditto rooferj.