Shingles curling

i have a question I went out to home and the shingles were curling up. the home is only about 8 years old. a inspector said the insulation was causing it?
i thought that it did not have enough vent but upon seeing the home it has ridge vent every where. any comments would be helpful. :shock:

possibly “IKO” brand. they are notorious for lasting around 10 years. just becasue there is ridge vent, doesnt mean it is functioning.

& Just because you have exhaust vents doesn’t mean you have in flow vents.

& Just because you have in flow vents doesn’t mean they aren’t blocked.

You need to do an attic inspection & maybe a smoke test to see if you’ve got a good flow.

To much, to little, or just the right amount of insulation will not cause shingles to curl up after 8 years. Venting and insulation can cause other problems in your attic and home. Sounds like the typical IKO problem. The work I got from replacing them bought my Road King last year. :smiley:

Could also be Certainteed Sealdon. 8 years ago is too new for the Horizon Classics.

I’ve been paid by Certainteed to tear off 3 year old Sealdons.

My hobby farm had the Sealdons put on in 2001 (insurance paid previous home owner) and in the Winter you could see the corners starting to lift up. When warm they would lay down flat though.

Another reason to stay away from three tab shingles.

the CT Sealdons just like the IKO’s are organic mat that is essentially recycled newspaper and looks almost like paper towel before it gets saturated with ashphalt. It can absorb water like a paper towel can unlike fiberglass mat. In short use fiberglass base shingles. This problem is not due to ventilation although that can expedite it. They Love to use ventilation as a buzz word for the be all and end all of every single roofing problem,as well as a convenient loop hole. Its become the roofing industries equivalent of the global warming fruit cakes :twisted: .

thanks for the info i thought it might be a bad shingle as well. it does have proper vent it seemed to be flowing fine.
maybe these shingles will buy me a new bass boat :smiley:

thanks again