Shingles blew off


Well just thought I should share this I install GAF natural shadows for a contractor I finished a job about 3 wks ago and during a 30 mph wind to 45 mph gust it lost 2 shingles so I checked it the nailing area is 5 3/4" to 6 1/4" on a metric shadow from the bottom my guy hit the nail line with 3 of them and one was about a 1/4" high. Just thought I would share it. I think GAF shadows might be the worst shingle out there it tore the nails right off the laminates both plys. Might have to start 6 nailing all of them if it had rained it would have went right in the valley


wuz the gum line sealed?


That is why they say minimum of 4 nails in the nail line…


they only give you a half inch on the shadow and I highly doubt 1 nail would have made a difference and not sealed all the way you need 70 degrees and sunny. I’ve worked probably 30 or so different guys in my life and nobody shoots that white line every shot even going slow I expect at least 2 to hit it and all to be within an inch


I know with different brands missing one nail is good enought to not cover you and if its to cold suppose to dab shingles down with gum


Well the only reason I say that they say about the 4 nails in a line is because thats what the warranty covers. 3 nails in the line wont be good enough for them to say it was something wrong with the manufacturer. Thats the only reason I say that.

We 5 nail and I expect 4 of those to go in the nail line ( I mean the double ply section of the shingle)and if they dont, they get to try again until they get it right. Thats only when im at the job, who knows what they do when im gone.


If it was the whole roof i think they will be saying something,Ive had employees who had wonky nail patterns and if its in one spot more than likley its in another spot or all over,your blessed its only a couple.


Nail gun or hand nail? Reason I ask. With Ike, we didn’t have one customers home have a shingle blown off during the hurricane. We hand nail every roof. There were houses all around with blow offs. Every roof we’ve estimated for blow offs, were gun nailed.


I guess they didnt know how to set there air


setting the pressure for the guns is critical as is nailing in the line every time. we six nail all our roofs and roof all winter on the coast.


We 5 nail up to 6/12 and 6 nail anything steeper which is most of my work,we work all winter to up here in westcoast BC


Just an observation. I’m not in agreement with any of the manufactures on a lot of things. I don’t believe in the 5 and 6 nail installs. It causes the nails to now be closer to the butt joints, than with a four nail. With nails being made with less than poor electro-galvanized, it will eventually rust out and leak. I’ve never seen a problem yet with a properly 4 nailed laminate. We install roofs 70 miles from the coast. We are not a big company, (250) roofs a year. I have alot of issues with what some of these cities require for installation. I dare say any of them have ever installed a roofing system as long as most of us have. I would say that most of the posters on this board have ways of installing that the bag doesn’t cover.


you still keep the same distance from butt nail to next one if done properly


we 4 nail everything here.

I just had a bad batch of Atlas stormmaster 50yr on two houses next door to each other. 80sq houses.

within two weeks of install, we had some medium strength winds (30ish mph gusts) and several large patches of shingles on different slopes blew off on both houses.

Atlas is paying for them, thankfully.


should of six nailed it.


Rooferama: You are absolutely right. Heck, anyone who lives where the average temperature is 40F and less on any given day-should not, I repeat should not gun the roof on using air compressor guns. Hand nail them and use at least five nails hand driven. Most manufacturers say that and want you to do it that way.


I remember how bad it sucked to hand nail in the winter with frozen beat up hands. Nothing wrong with technology, you just have to adjust the pressure accordingly so the nails are not overdriven. going back to hand nailing makes about as much sence to me as going back to riding a horse and carrige to the job site. Sure riding a horse to work would be great for the planet and all, but lets get real.“no offence to Ranch if he really does ride a horse to work”


I put minimum of 5 nails on the line.


honestly max guns don’t have that problem try one… max guns adjust so far back you can felt with them also in the cold cold winter the max is the only gun that doesnt crack the ridge vent … i’m just saying in 19 or so yrs of roofing i’ve never had a blow off till this yr and we nail really close to the line i think in other posts i’ve remarked that we have to pull alot of shingles because of the nail being to low… i just dont like GAF natural shadows and i’ve had the GAF golden pledge warranties pass with flying colors, so more than likely our nailing is fine…another thing is if your nails land in the weeps your not starting your shingles right if you keep the staggers @ 6-8" and don’t nail in 12-6 or so inches from the end your fine…sometimes working out of valleys if its steep i allow 4.5" staggers no less there you have to be careful to watch you put the nail dead at the end of the shingle … its not a big deal i’m just really not happy with them if you read up most manufacturers with metric shingles well the ones i like landmarks and oc durations specify a larger strip i mean really give a guy 1" to hit… i know what i do and i’m sure most here do the same, but you can’t say you watch every nail your guys put in i never bitch about nails my guys put in if they use to many and actually on sheeting roofs we put 2 nails high and 12" pitch and above we 6 nail but i might 6 nail for the rest of winter to be honest because the natural shadows don’t seal unless its like 80 degrees out since they lack any sealant their kinda like tamkos honestly …the shadows are just a really cheap inferior shingle i’d never sell them myself i really wouldn’t.


What kind of ridgevent do you use?