Shingles applied upside down


Folks - I’m not a roofer or associated in the business in any way. Just a home owner with a question.

I own a home in Florida. Fortunately, it made it through Hurricane Irma with fairly minimal damage. I am in the military assigned overseas, so I have a property manager taking care of my house. He said it looks like the only damage was a few singles getting blown off. He had a roofer go up and take a look, and the roofer said he found a section of the roof where the shingles were installed upside down and this has resulted in water damage and that section of the roof has to be fixed.

The house was built in 2000. I have the builder’s information and this builder is still building in the area.

Since it’s been 17 years since the house was built, I know the builder probably isn’t liable for anything at this point. Having said that, would it be unreasonable on my part to contact the builder and ask if he will repair the roof that is damaged as a direct result of improperly installing some of the shingles?

Thank you in advance for any replies.


You need to post some pics. I find it doubtful that someone installed shingles upside down 17 yrs ago and no one ever noticed till now. 20 yrs in pretty standard roof life in Florida so your roof is most likely near the end of its life anyway.


Yep, shingles in florida are at or near the end of their life at 17 years. Even “lifetime” ones.

And Builders usually only give a One year warranty…


Globe made a shingle called a “premier shake” that could be installed “upside down” depending on your perspective.

Globe went out of business a while ago.


Hey folks - I really appreciate the replies.

I really trust my property manager, as he’s never done me wrong and came highly recommended from multiple (former) co-workers. He doesn’t hire the cheapest guys in town to get repairs done, but he goes with guys who do quality work, so I don’t mind paying a little extra.

Here is the email that I got from him about the roof:

Roofer went out to check the shingles. There is some very bad places on the roof, where the plywood has rotted, can’t seem to see it from the ground though. I have not seen any signs of leaking inside the house ceilings.

I asked if it was from the storm. He said no, and some of the shingle were not installed correctly (upside down) when the roof was installed, and has deteriorated the wood underneath.

How old is the roof? It doesn’t appear that old?.. I am surprised what I’m hearing… Jerry at Jerry’s Roofing of Tampa Bay is the one who went out to check it. I have used him for over 20 years, he is an honest person. We can have it checked by others if you like. He says you will need to take up part of the shingles in a couple area’s and replace plywood under and reinstall new shingles. Will try to match.

So that’s the information I’m going on. It sounds like Jerry has plenty of experience, so I have no reason to doubt him. I will try to get my property manager to get some pics that I can post here.

Thanks again.


Post some pics and we’ll tell you if its worth it to repair. I’ve seen shingles installed improperly in about any way you can imagine but never “upside down”.


I would say that nobody is stupid enough to install shingles upside down but I realize there are plenty of people out there who are that stupid. Or drunk. Or high.


Gentlemen ~

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I just got an email from my property manager, and as it turns out, the roofer went to the house next door by mistake. Now that he has looked at my house, he’s concluded that there are a couple of missing shingles that need replacing - but the roof is just fine.

All’s well that ends well~!

Thank you for your recommendations.


I’d still like to see pics of these upside down shingles lol


Maybe not upside down,but ass backwards


Maybe the upside down shingles were in place of starter shingles?


I saw my know-it-all neighbor attempt to re-roof his house by himself. He got the existing roof stripped off and dried in after several days.

He started installing the shingles and did so starting at the top and working his way down.

Yep, he did. I could not keep myself from intervening and telling him he was not installing the roof in the correct manner. He told me to mind my own business.

After about 4 hours of shingle installation i watched him as he took a break, lit a smoke, pour himself a tall drink of water and refer to the installation instructions on the bundle wrapper.

He went back up on the roof, pulled the installed shingles off and proceeded to start the roof install from the bottom. It took him about a week or so to get it done. It was pretty jacked up but he got it done.


A few years back we were in a job in the city. Truck pulled up next door and they begin to shingle over a 1/12 flat roof, starting at the wall and working towards the drain.