Shingles and drip edge

Hello everyone I was wondering what a reasonable fix would for shingles that should have been overhanging the drip,edge by about a half inch but are not and the drip edge that was used does not have much of a lip on it,the issue is water is dripping between gutter and face board,thanks for any advice :smiley:

A pic or two would really help us help you.

Slide some metal in behind the drip edge
And over the gutter.


Yep, cut strips of aluminum flat stock about 3 or 4” wide and slide them in under the shingles and over the existing drip edge, sticking out past the drip edge however far you like. If your shingles are old and brittle and you don’t want to bend them up to nail the metal down you could just put a few dabs of tar on the metal before you slip them in and the tar will hold them in place. Or just lift the top layer of shingle and nail through the bottom layer.

Do not do what Mannco suggests, I think he is misunderstanding the issue. Flat stock behind drip on the fascia will work in some situations. If shingles are not hanging past the eave far enough extending with metal flat stocks under them will not work. The water will track on top of the metal and back under the shingles in a capillary action. Tried it for years and water will travel a long ways uphill in this situation.

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Yes that makes sense thank you very much,sorry I was not able to post a pic for you guys to look at

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Hi Gene, are you in South Florida by chance? The 3 big shingle manufacturers typically require 1/4" to 3/4" shingle overhang.

stand two panes of glass that are tight together in a bath of water. the water will climb inside the panes all the way to the top. however high that may be above water line. capillary action of water is crazy. consider how trees get water to the top of a 200 foot tree, same physics.

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